Melissa Soderberg, Head of School
April 30, 2020
Dear Columbus Academy Parents and Guardians,
We have an incredibly special opportunity for you to meet (virtually) with Rob Evans, a consulting psychologist and specialist in independent schools, this upcoming Monday (May 4) at 7:00 p.m. using this link:
Rob has been in high demand over the past six weeks speaking with independent school leaders about the crisis in which we find ourselves and the effects of it on our families, students, faculty and schools. This week, all our faculty and staff participated in conferences with Rob and cited his warmth and wisdom as particularly wonderful qualities of their meetings with him. This feedback made us want to extend the chance for you to benefit from Rob's expertise as well.
I cannot encourage you strongly enough to take the time for yourselves and your families to tune into Rob's zoom meeting on Monday. He will want to connect with you, hear your concerns and provide some thoughts on the uniqueness of what we face as families raising children in these times.
We hope you will participate in and benefit from this timely opportunity.
My best,
Academy Seal