March 2017  Edition

Dear Beloved,

Welcome to this Special Post Conference Edition. We are in awe of the God we serve. He showed Himself mighty on behalf of Nigeria.

We are so grateful to God for having Dr Leif Hetland, Dr Tom Jones, Paul Martini and the International Ministry Team from Global Awakening come and touch our lives so powerfully.
The nation has been greatly blessed and we give all the glory to God. For those who attended, especially in Abuja, this will be a reminder of what it was like to enjoy the Lord's Presence in great measure, but for those who weren't able to come, do send to the office for the CD's and DVD's. We also pray that this will encourage you to join us next time.
The teachings were amazing, the worship was off the charts and Papa was so busy, loving extravagantly, healing, restoring, refreshing, reconciling, renewing, replacing old mindsets, re- ordering, and re-aligning, amongst so much else.

We would like to acknowledge the Prayer covering for this visit. Apart from the teams of friends and Intercessors praying all over the world for this conference, we had a dedicated team from South Niger Alter interceding, with our Intercessors too. We also had the planning committee and friends join, and take over 504 night hours for night relay prayers over 6 weeks to intercede for divine intervention during the conference. We also had a three day Praise Party in both Lagos and Abuja. And ...."Yes"...Father God did show up to cause a seismic shift in the foundation of this nation as He said He would. We bless God for all the different churches and ministries represented, and for the Spirit of unity and love that swept through Abuja. We were also blessed with having our most respected and loved former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon come to join us.

In this edition, we have Dr Gubby Akerele's write up about the event below. We also have a link to a "Word" from Papa on Africa by Trish Riley.

The meetings were all streamed live on our website (and conference messages and events will be updated on the website);

Summary of Kingdom Foundations Conference, Abuja  by -  Dr Gubby Ayida
Indescribable, unbelievable! We serve a rain making, miracle working, promise keeping God. He came to show Himself and crashed into the ICC for two days having first made a pit stop at Pastor Obi's house, where the atmosphere, the hospitality, the introductions, the worship, the prayers, had a kingdom feel to it. Papa was hosting a family gathering.

All who attended were answering a trumpet call to be there to testify, to witness, to catch the Lord's declaration that 'behold I am doing a new thing.'

Highlights of the two days: The sheer size of the ICC venue, the number of attendees, the quest to enter - the registration team were overwhelmed! What a good problem to have. Here is the deal: they arrived on time, the senior pastors arrived on time, the pastors came with their wives and they stayed all day through to the healing service. Father God took centre stage and was keynote speaker for every session, including the breaks.

The speakers were so aligned with His presence, hearing His voice, seeing His face, speaking what was on His heart, that the messages were being changed. Familiar messages had a different urgency, a different emphasis, and were even more impactful. There was a boldness in their message that had a real edge (all of them). They were on assignment. It was as if every Lapis Lazuli meeting in Lagos before including all Randy Clark's trips were preparing the ground, training us, for a time such as this!

The worship, the worship! What a blessing. Like Nathaniel, Chingtok is a true worshiper like David. He so beautifully captured the mood, built on what the speakers had said, just allowed open heavens so angels could ascend and descend to the people.

The ministry was awesome. The international team and our Lapis Lazuli team all felt like Randy Clark. The anointing was upon us because of His presence, because the speakers ushered in His presence. Can you imagine the size of the hall, and you can see and hear people being touched in their seats. We could just go around saying 'fill, fill, fill - we bless what You are doing'. We really learned that no long prayers were needed. We had to arrange a special session to bless the catchers because they were at work full time. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Then those who did not speak English up in the galleries being interpreted for were asked to come down to the front where they were honoured. They got blessing and prayer from Tom speaking with the Hausa interpreter. Awesome culture of honour is Kingdom way.

The prophetic acts at the end were indescribable, unbelievable, unimaginable. General Gowon, past President of Nigeria during the Civil War, was there, his timing to only come for that session was awesome as he witnessed declarations marking 50 years after the civil war (1967 - 2017).  The generational blessing, the healing from civil war, the seat of old government to new, the dignity of the elder statesman with the innocence of youth and next generation, three generations - grandfathers and grandmothers, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters being raised. No longer orphans. The family of families. Restoring the children back to Papa. Hallelujah. You need to see the video (on the Lapis Lazuli website) as I cannot describe it!

This whistle stop tour of the two days in Abuja where so many special moments cannot be captured because we were being instead of doing.

God bless,

Dr Gubby Ayida

Africa is on my heart.....Word from the Lord......(through Trish Riley)
Africa is on my heart. My children cry out - many are in great despair. The time has come to raise My people up. The time has come to release freedom through the nations. The enemy has had his way for too long. He has lied and manipulated My children for so long, that many hearts are dulled. They have grown so attuned to his voice that they are unaware of the freedom I bring. They are living in chains, but do not know it.

I am doing a new thing in Africa - a thing so unique that the world will sit up and watch in awe. No longer will those in power seek wisdom from dark forces and lust after money and position. No longer will leaders rule by fear and intimidation. I am releasing a new heart into my people -a heart of hope, a heart of courage, a heart of forgiveness and a heart of love. I am releasing a new culture into my people. No longer will they see themselves aligned to their traditional tribes, but will be aligned to the tribe of Judah. A new song will arise from the lips of My children. No longer will the land be desolate, ravaged by war and mismanagement, but it will bloom as a desert watered by my Spirit and bursting forth in victory.

I call My faithful ones to stand. I call My faithful ones to listen. I call My faithful ones to hear My voice. I have gathered My armies - we are on the move. A portal will open over Africa where true prosperity will fall on the nations from the north, the south, the east and the west. No longer will one nation see themselves as more powerful than the other, but they will work together in unity of heart. I will open up opportunities as never before, where My sons and daughters truly learn to steward My resources for My Kingdom purposes. I am calling you, My children, to stand up. I am calling you, young and old, to be a part of this new Africa I am raising up. You will see many who thought they were invincible be reduced to ashes, as they refuse to give up their alliance with the enemy. And you will see many who are seemingly insignificant be raised up into places of authority. I am no respector of persons - I look to the heart, and I look for hearts aligned to My heart.

Be prepared, change will come swiftly. Purify your own heart for the task ahead. My two edged sword is in My hand to cut through bone and marrow and bring in a new era for My people Africa, and they will rise on eagles wings to the heights I prepare for them.

Testimonies Galore
Revelation 19:10

For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Please see the testimonies on our website.

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God's blessings,


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