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Special Issue: Preparedness 2022
August 2022 | Issue No. 31
From the Editor

We should prepare for possibilities, e.g., tornados, fires, floods, health emergencies, active shooters, and more. Beaver's Linda Downing, director and founder of Beaver Duster Mentors, mentioned gathering her school-based mentors to plan for active shooters.

The resources below apply to school, work, or public spaces. Your institution or employer may have established plans and practices, but knowledge, planning, and practice are power. — Beverly Woodrome, Mentor4OK
Since 2002, the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)™ Program at Texas State University has been used to train law enforcement officers across the nation in how to rapidly respond to dangerous active threat situations...Many citizens have asked what individuals can do protect themselves and reduce the dangers faced during one of these events. Avoid | Deny | Defend™ has been developed as an easy-to-remember method for individuals to follow. 1,174,753 views. Feb 10, 2015

Source: Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)™ Program at Texas State University, Avoid/Deny/Defend. The ALERRT website has webinars, instructor resources, and e-learning.
A Navy SEAL Reveals How To Survive An Active Shooter Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson shares tips. 5,882,261 views. Dec 24, 2019 (9:23)
Home ♥ The "I Love U Guys" Foundation Standard Response Protocol, The Standard Reunification Method, SRM - Reunification Exercise, Partner with Love. Training in person and online. The “I Love U Guys” Foundation was started in 2006 by Ellen and John-Michael Keyes following a school shooting that took the life of their daughter, Emily
Other Resources
Additional Materials | - Poster to download and Los Angeles Sheriff's Department short active shooter video (9:23)
Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video, U.S. Department of Homeland Security A business or agency takeaway is to map all exits, typical and atypical, show one of the instruction videos, plan, and practice. Aug 1, 2017 (7:52)
Oklahoma State University Active Shooter Training Video The concealed carry rules for OSU campuses may not be the same for other public or private schools. OSU also has a text alert warning system. The instructor offers many useful tips during Q&A for protecting adults and our youth in public places. (27:00)
Calendar: Aug 5, 2022 Elk City (western Oklahoma) RUN, HIDE, FIGHT in-person
lecture and scenarios to provide civilian response to an active shooter threat. Time: 0800-1200, Western Technology Center, 301 Western Drive, Elk City, OK. CLEET Catalog Number: OS-6212. Free. Contact Shawn Tucker,, 580-339-3444. 
Active Shooter Training Recording 07/25/2022 for Congress 301 in Austin  
This recording of an in-person training, featuring the AVOID | DENY | DEFEND™ video mentioned above, has tips, insights, and Q&A. (1 hour 23 minutes)

The 301 Congress "Preparedness" navigation tab features the short Run Hide Fight video (5:56) and instructions.

301 Congress features over 430,000 square feet of best-in-class office space. The website features 14 other “Preparedness” topics with instructions. Adapt them?

Extreme First Aid for Ourselves and Others Time passes for neutralizing an active shooter and confirming any other threats before paramedics can enter. Knowledge, practice, kits, or at-hand methods like belts or plastic bags can save lives.
STOP THE BLEED - Save a Life | Stop The Bleed how-to video, find a course...
Red Cross First Aid Courses online and in classrooms

Women's Self-Defense Q&A Examples mentioned included pepper spray (gel-based and pepper balls), brass cat knuckles on a keychain, keys carried as a puncture weapon, a grasped dowel rod longer than a clinched fist, a taser, walking in groups, etc. Some law enforcement agencies offer self-defense classes for women. Google online for options. Whatever objects or plans you choose, you must train. Plans can evaporate under stress. Practice. Have pepper spray or taser trained on you. Are you able to fight through it? 
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