Collaborative Excellence and Accountability

January 2018

*** FairTSA will have a booth at Biofach! ***
Hall 8 - Booth 549
Come see us!

Happy New Year from 
Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance! 

The last  month of the year is a time spent reflecting on the past and planning for the future.  FairTSA wants to both thank you for your partnership and continued commitment to  excellence and accountability. Below are some announcements we have planned for the  new year, and statements of procedures and expectations in the Fair Trade process moving  ahead. We  look forward to hearing from you!

Request a Fair Trade Marketing Package

 This new year we are offering a box of FairTSA media to help you market your Fair Trade
program. Upon request, we will send you a box with printed brochures, a USB stick with electronic files and other Fair Trade marketing materials for use at trade shows and to distribute to current and prospective buyers.

We want to help you grow your Fair Trade program! When you put us in contact with your
established buyers, we can describe the benefits of joining us as a Fair Trade partner. This
is the most efficient way to increase your Fair Trade Premium, document your efforts to the outside world and thereby find new customers too!

FairTSA Tradeshows for 2018

This upcoming year FairTSA will be represented at Biofach in Nuremberg Germany. Visit us  in Hall 8, booth 549. 

We will also attend Expo West in Los Angeles, Fancy Food Show in 
New York City, and Natexpo in Lyon, France in the coming year. 

If you, or any of your  partners will be there, please let us know.
We would love to set up a meeting!

Community Development Deadlines

Organized community Development is the hallmark of Fair Trade. It is how Fair Trade  premiums are spent and how they affect your communities. It is also how Fair Trade is shown to your customers and marketed to the rest of the world. Responsible projects well documented and successfully implemented is what we all strive for, and FairTSA stands ready to help support you to make this happen. Through detailed description, and photos or video, we are able to reach the most people. Thank you for your continued hard work in this.

This upcoming year, FairTSA will require your Community Development proposal and  evaluation due by February 15th, 2018  

If it is your first year being certified, we expect a community project proposal two weeks after your first social premium has been received. For producers that have already started with a project, an update or a new project proposal for the upcoming year as well as the evaluation for the past year are due February 15th. The appropriate forms, and an example of a successful Community Development Project can be found on our website. If we do not receive the proposal or the evaluation, or have not heard from you regarding this, your Fair Trade certification could be suspended until the documents have been received.
Producer Trainings

As of 2018, FairTSA will make attendance of our online trainings a requirement for all FT  certified producers. Your certifier will not issue a certificate until three things have been  submitted to FairTSA: 

1 - The FairTSA Application on file 
2 - Proof of webinar attendance 
3 - P roof of payment of the FairTSA annual fee 

If any one of these things are missing, this is  grounds for suspension of your certification.  Additionally, certified producers who have already attended are encouraged to attend again.  We welcome participation! These webinars are the most comprehensive place to learn and  ask questions about the Fair Trade inspection and certification process, and we routinely  update our presentation. Feel free to join! 

Annual Payments Due

This is a reminder that the FairTSA annual fee is a requirement to keep your certification.  We require this is paid annually by February 15th for certified parties. If you are a newly  certified entity, payment is required before we can issue your certificate. Any  noncompliance of these deadlines is grounds for suspension of your certification. 

Most importantly, we are here to support you

We would like to reiterate that an important part of our mission is to support producers and their communities, and we will do this to the best of our ability. So again, we encourage you to contact us with questions and feedback.

For the FairTSA Team

Winfried Fuchshofen