Rapido Trains Inc. has saved real RDC (Rail Diesel Car) #6133 from the scrapper!
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Here is a quick special edition of Rapido News to let you know of our latest activities in the world of real railroad heritage preservation.
RDC 6133

On 8 January 2016, I found out through the grapevine that a large proportion of Canada's surviving RDC (Rail Diesel Car) fleet was going to be scrapped in a matter of days. We set out to try and save one before it was too late.
RDCs for scrapping
Two lines of RDCs wait to be scrapped on site in Moncton, New Brunswick.
On Thursday 14 January, Chris Fox and I flew to Moncton for the day. Chris is a locomotive mechanic and restorer. He resurrected the TRHA's LRC locomotive in 2014. The RDCs had previously been owned by Industrial Rail Services (IRSI), a railcar rebuilding firm that shut down a few years ago.

Below is a photo of Chris on the roof of an RDC in the scrap line. He was checking to see if it had rads or fans. (It didn't.) It was cold, windy and slippery. But you gotta do what you gotta do...
Chris Fox on roof of RDC
Chris tries not to fall off the roof of an RDC near the end of the scrap line.
IRSI's facilities have been sold and the new owners want the site cleared as soon as possible. By the time Chris and I arrived, the scrapping was well under way. It truly broke our hearts. All of the RDCs will be gone in the next few weeks. Structurally, many are in perfect shape.
Scrapping RDCs
The scrapping had already begun by the time we arrived.
I have been negotiating since the 14th to save one of the RDCs from being scrapped, and I am delighted to let you know that we have successfully purchased and saved former VIA Rail Canada RDC #6133. This RDC was originally Canadian Pacific/Dominion Atlantic RDC #9058, and spent most of its working life in the Maritimes, in Quebec and on Vancouver Island.

Thanks to current and former CN employees Luc Doiron and Wendell Lemon for helping us inspect and choose 6133. An extract from the Bill of Sale is below.
RDC Bill of Sale
An excerpt from the fax that arrived on Friday, confirming we own 6133.
Chris and I are going back to Moncton next week to do our best to arrange the loading of 6133 onto a flatcar and shipping her by rail to the Toronto area. If you have a good contact at CN or with a crane operator in Moncton, please let me know ASAP.

Here is a photo of 6133 when she was first in service in the Maritimes. Note the DOMINION ATLANTIC lettering above the windows.
DAR RDC 9058
6133 was originally Dominion Atlantic RDC 9058. Photo courtesy Jon Archibald Collection.
We did not budget for this RDC purchase, and we are gratefully accepting contributions to the cost of moving 6133 to the Toronto area and restoring her to operation. We estimate the move cost at $25,000 and the initial restoration at $20,000.
We are not a charitable organization, and we can't offer a tax receipt for contributions. Whatever we do not raise through contributions, we will pay out of pocket. There is no business case for saving 6133. It just had to be done.
Wendell Lemon in RDC 6133
Retired CN employee Wendell Lemon inspects 6133 on 14 January 2016.
Please click on the DONATE button below to contribute. Every little bit helps.
I am actually in the middle of writing a massive product newsletter as we have seven (SEVEN!) different HO scale locomotive variations that we are announcing next weekend at the Springfield Show. But it was a pleasure to be able to take a break and put together this quickie newsletter to share with you the good news about 6133.

Just from our Facebook post last night, we've already raised over $1400 in donations, much of it in small amounts of $25 or less. That shows you how many people care. So thank you very much to everyone who has contributed. It's nice to know that the RDC (and 6133 in particular) holds a place in many railfans' hearts.

I will be in touch next weekend!

Best regards,

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