Dear Fellow Democrats,

We've all read the headlines. The opposition is going unchecked, wrecking havoc on our Country and around the world. The time-tested diplomacy, decorum and respect once displayed by our elected officials toward US voters and our allies is at an all time low.

We won't stand by and watch it happen here at home.

Your Marion County Democratic Central Committee is busy readying for the 2020 election cycle and you are a key player at our kitchen table. With a strong, active membership we will ensure what is happening nationally is stopped here and now!

We are asking you to join in our Campaigns2020 to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot. From school board races to a Presidential campaign, we will work hard to ensure our Democratic values are front and center in each and every race.

2020 will be a faced-paced year, full of opportunities to flip-to-blue seats in local races throughout Marion County as well as actively engage in a pivotal Presidential election.

Here's how you can help.

We are asking that before December 31st , you become 1 of 20 people ensuring your County Democratic party has a solid foundation from which to launch our Campaigns2020 efforts.

1 in 20 . We are asking 20 people to join our Democratic Victory Alliance - a monthly giving program that helps build and sustain our work.

What we can sustain together:
  • Outreach for voter registration and education
  • Recruit Precinct Committee Persons and Neighborhood Leader Program
  • Present our longstanding DemoForum and other educational programs

1 in 20 . We are asking 20 people to increase their giving through the Democratic Victory Alliance . If you're already giving $10 a month now, please consider giving $20 per month for 2020. If you're now giving $20 a month, please consider doubling your gift. You get the idea!

What we can build together:
  • Provide organizing space for campaigns - at our new headquarters!
  • Donate funds to key races and candidates
  • Organize volunteers for phone banks and neighborhood walks to get out the vote #GOTV

That's how it adds up. 20 + 20 = Campaigns2020 victory ! Click here to take action now!

One donor said recently, "If giving up one or two drive-though cups of coffee each month helps express my Democratic values, that is a small price to pay for victory ."

We look forward to you joining the Democratic Victory Alliance and moving your Marion County Democrats to victory in 2020!

In solidarity,
Your MCDCC Executive Committee
Evan Sorce, Chair

p.s. Don't forget to join us on Saturday, December 14th, 2pm-6pm for our annual holiday open house! Details are posted on our Facebook page .

Marion County Democrats Central Committee Website | 245 High Street NE, Salem OR
503-363-8392 |