FRA would like to recognize the Village of Palm Springs for its outstanding leadership and perseverance in ensuring the establishment of the Palm Springs Community Redevelopment Agency (PSCRA).

The Palm Springs CRA was established after three years of unbelievable efforts beginning in August 2016 and finishing in November 2019.  It is the first new CRA established in Florida since 2018.

Every member of the Village Council showed determination, invested a significant amount of time, was committed to providing financial support and exhibited remarkable leadership qualities that are worthy of recognition. 

On behalf of the Florida Redevelopment Association, we are proud to honor the Village of Palm Springs Village Council with special recognition as an elected body. The amount of work that went into this outcome does not go unnoticed and we are confident that the newest CRA in our state will help transform its community.

This is a true example of how redevelopment works!

For more information on these efforts and the Palm Springs CRA, click here.