credit: Kimberly Vardeman
King Tide - October 2016

King Tide brought sunny day flooding to homes and businesses in South Florida this year, and communities want solutions.

US Congressman Ted Deutch partnered with Dr. Colin Polsky, director of Florida Center for Environmental Studies at Florida Atlantic University, to bring awareness to the issue. Along with City of Fort Lauderdale commissioners, the Congressman received a briefing on impacts and adaptation strategies from private sector partners First Green Bank, Olive & Judd, and Florida Luxurious Properties, as well as the US Geological Survey, Broward County, Mitigat.com, Hollywood Lakes Civic Association, and Florida Atlantic University.

The media were paying attention. Local CBS and ABC television stations covered the story, as did Sun Sentinel.

“If standing in this water on a beautiful South Florida morning doesn’t tell us that it’s time we start investing in environmental infrastructure to protect our communities, then I don’t think anything will,” said Deutch. - NPR affiliate WLRN

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Tempel Solel
Conversations about King Tide took place in flooded areas across South Florida. In Hollywood, the faith-based group Sea Level Solutions organized a tour and photo contest. Dr. Colin Polsky (above in yellow) provided the scientific context for the group.
king tide solel
King Tide flooding provides a glimpse of what Florida's future could be as sea levels continue to rise. Infrastructure, fresh water supplies, our natural environment, our health and livelihoods may be impacted.
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