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Our native believers in the Himalayas experience seasons in life that that can remain discouraging and stressful. Whether it's about dealing with poverty, the loss of properties, persecutions from local authorities, confusions, temptations, or negative influences, trusting the Lord and following after Jesus has always been the only sure way to lift their spirits and gain a new perspective in a difficult situation. The sacrificial support, ceaseless prayer, and unconditional love of our generous partners have always added hope to them.

Dear Partners, your support and words of encouragement have a profound way of encouraging our believers to remain strong and courageous amid these tumultuous circumstances. Despite you going through this COVID pandemic like we are, your regular love and concerns are a great starting point for their morning prayers and hope-filled ministries throughout the day.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.~ John 15:13

With the following weekly report, we want to share some of the victories that have come to pass because of your support. Thank you for always being there. We pray blessings over each one of you as you go through the reports.
The final day of our mission trip to the far-west began with excitement and full of energy. Continuing with our mission trip for the next 5-6 hours led us to another rural village where our mission field leader Ps. P, his family, and many believers were waiting for us. We were delighted to meet them again after so many years. However, even amid lockdown and those years we weren’t able to visit them, we were always in communication and regular prayer with them. The meeting made us remember our past days of ministering together. We all were in tears greeting each other. It was a sweet moment to be in. Praises to the Lord!

As it was the last day in the mission field, we wanted to take the full benefit of coming so far to do the ministry, so in the evening, we went to meet some believers nearby, sat with them, talked with them, and did a fellowship together.

Later our team were able to wash up at the well that was constructed by RHMI many years ago. We were very happy to see the proper utilization and maintenance of the well. We were glad to meet many villagers coming to take the water from the well. One of the non-Christian villagers, Ms. Rana told us, "RHMI has done a big favor for us through this well. It has become easier for us to take the water from the well now, we don't have to travel far for water. Thank you very much, Pastor." Hallelujah! A non-Christian was praising the deeds of the Christ-followers.
The next morning, our team woke up early and spent personal prayer time with God. Within a few hours, believers started gathering in the church. Because of the sensitivity of COVID-19 issues, we gave out surgical masks to each attendee and made them aware of its importance and proper disposal. We believe God has given us the wisdom to be proactive with regard to health for ourselves. 

God was totally in the move. The conference had the presence of His marvelous provision and plans. Many believers were touched by the different, powerful messages that motivated them to remain constant in faith in the Lord. The teachings about the benefit of rejoicing in the Lord and taking rest in His secret place lifted confidence in the believers. People were repenting, thanking God for the beautiful life, and praising His greatness in everything. What a thrilling moment it was to pray along with them and get lost in His mighty presence. Mr. Rana share with us, "I could sense a huge white cloak covering our Church. Jesus was standing in front of the pulpit and comforting all of us."

We felt humbled to intercede for them and pray over them. In the supreme presence of the Holy Spirit, believers were filled with joy and blessings. Thank you, partners. Your love and support helped us become the channel of blessing to those beautiful children of God.
After the conference, we distributed chocolates for the kids, sanitary napkins for ladies, and ten mini radio speakers to our mission field leaders. Everyone was enjoying the gifts and thanked us with their big hearts. Such humanitarian aids have had a real impact on the work of RHMI with regards to the sensitive issues brought on by COVID-19.

Chocolates for the kids brought smiles to their faces. It was just another way of showing them that they are the true heirs of God's kingdom. We enjoy talking with them and feel their faith in Christ. We pray that these children will turn out to be great missionaries in the provision and plan of God.
The gift of sanitary napkins was a big surprise to the sisters. Due to the lockdown, those pads were unavailable and expensive if found in their locality, which forced them to use unhygienic methods. Ms. Chaudhary thanked us, saying, "It was such an important material for most of our ladies who were struggling in their menstruation period. Thank you, Pastors, for your kindness. It was such a timely supply. We never expected this." Hallelujah! All thanks and appreciation to our beloved partners for their love for our land.

Dear partner, thank you very much for everything. Your support and sacrificial giving have a great impact among our believers. Without your support, this mission trip would have never been successful.

Prayer Request
Continuing the previous prayer request, we would like to humbly urge prayer for yet another risky and dangerous mission trip to the northern-most Himalayas upcoming in mid-December. The mission field we will be traveling to is full of dangerous paths. The very cold weather and high altitude adds more risk to the mission trip. Why are we taking the risk? To celebrate Christmas with our beloved believers, lift them up with words of encouragement, and bring Jesus home to them this Christmas.

We humbly request your prayer support for the preparation of this mission trip. Your support is vital for us to be able to continue these mission trips.
Also, as Christmas is getting closer, so many poor believers in the Himalayas hope to celebrate Christmas with joy and happiness. To encourage them with your love and to meet some of their needs, we urge you to go through our Christmas catalog at https://reachhimalaya.org/christmas-gift-catalog-2020/ and share your love and generosity through Christmas gifts.
Another Prayer Request:
Also, as winter has started, considering the severity of the lifestyle in the Himalayas, we are praying for a woolen cap for the children. One woolen cap costing $5 can keep their heads and ears warm, saving them from potentially serious complications such as hypothermia or sometimes death.

As we are targeting 1000 Himalayan kids this winter, we request you to humbly remember these vulnerable kids in your regular prayer.


Many native people die due to the freezing cold temperatures during the winter in the Himalayas because they do not have enough warm clothes. The only way to keep them warm and alive is warm clothes and blankets. A warm blanket costing $50 can help one individual survive the extreme cold in winter. We are targeting 100 warm blankets for the vulnerable families in the Himalaya.

As winter has already started, and the current temperature in the Himalayas is below −0 °C (32 °F), we appeal for urgent prayer regarding these issues.

New Video Down To Earth: Part 4

The following video is the new video of the successful mission trip 2020. After little ease in the unbalanced pandemic lockdown series, RHMI team headed towards the far-west for the next mission trip. The blessings are as follows.

Thank You for Your Partnership!
You have been the most faithful by providing us the seed to the sower we need. Your prayers, encouragement, time and gifts have literally brought in thousands of souls to the Kingdom. I also realize that most of your involvement with us has been a sacrificial one.

You give out of your own needs and sacrificially. You understand the value of a lost soul overseas.
Thank you for your fervency and faithfulness. We pray that God will pour out his blessings upon you, your family and ministry. God Bless you all!
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