Speak out!
This plan impacts you as a taxpayer!
We need your help!

The City of Woodstock has introduced a proposal to reorganize city management. This plan will impact you as a taxpayer!
The City of Woodstock has yet to define what their proposed actions will mean to the voting city residents. They say taking that undefined step requires that they hire two more administrators at $200,000 each this year -- and another next year, also starting at $200,000. This does not pay for staff, which could come to another $400,000.
This comes to one million dollars and still no help in the trenches!
At the close of 2020, there were over 500 events overseen by the Opera House and its staff. This included entertainment, art exhibits, rentals for weddings, memorials, parties, business meetings, and city functions. Programs on the Square itself are overseen by the Opera House Staff, such as the 137 per year City Band Concerts. All of this was accomplished with the current employees.  
This proposal (see pages 159-181) has been discussed in Council meetings on three occasions: June 3, June 28, and August 3. Minutes and videos of those meetings are available on the woodstockil.gov website. See the August 17 meeting video here.  
The mayor has determined that the city is falling behind on their responsibilities. His answer is to increase management. Do you agree with that? Many others observed that the Department heads need staff, not more bosses.
September 7th at the City Hall at 7 pm is the City Council Meeting. The mayor says it is our last chance to discuss this major City Government decision. If you are against this, or if you want more answers, please be there.
You can also email the Mayor and copy the City Council using these addresses:

·      Mayor Mike Turner (815) 338-4302 mturner@woodstockil.gov
·      Darrin Flynn ( 815) 321-4485 dflynn@woodstockil.gov
·      Lisa Lohmeyer (815) 321-4481 llohmeyer@woodstockil.gov
·      Tom Nierman (815) 321-4479 tnierman@woodstockil.gov
·      Wendy Piersall (815) 321-4484 wpiersall@woodstockil.gov
·      Bob Seegers, Jr. (815) 321-4482 bseegers@woodstockil.gov
·      Gordie Tebo (815) 321-4483 gtebo@woodstockil.gov

Bring your voice to the Sept. 7 City Council Meeting, 7pm.

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