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Special SFPE Edition 
The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)™ was established in 1950 and incorporated as an independent organization in 1971. It is the professional society representing those practicing the field of fire protection engineering. The Society has over 4,300 members, 69 regional and local chapters, and 15 student chapters worldwide.
ADS Security Acquires Falcon Fire
CHA Consulting Acquires American Fire Protection (Alabama)
EEA Releases Report on Fluorinated Gases
Hiller Acquires American Fire Equipment (Arizona)
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halon_1301Special Hazards Fire Protection: Developments Since Halon 1301
By Jeff L. Harrington, P.E., FSFPE
Fire Protection Engineering QT3 2016

It has been nearly 22 years since the production of halon 1301 ceased in the United States and many other developed and developing countries. This article will reflect on that time in history and examine many of the significant developments in fire and explosion suppression that were a direct result.

Halogenated hydrocarbons have been in commercial use as fire extinguishing agents since the early 1900s. Their use began to decline and had all but ended by the 1950s due to their relatively high toxicity coupled with the increasing popularity and availability of dry chemical agents. In the late 1940s, halon 1301 was verified to possess effective fire extinguishing capability while also having the lowest toxicity of all known halons. In the 1960s, halon 1301 received renewed interest as a means to extinguish fires in computer rooms without collateral damage from the agent itself with the added benefit of low toxicity.

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sfpe_data_centerData Center Fire Protection: Adapting to a Constantly Changing Environment
By Lee A. Kaiser, P.E.
Fire Protection Engineering QT3 2016

Data center designs have become a playground for creative problem solvers and new products. The areas of information technology, electrical power, and equipment cooling -- The Big Three -- seem to be reinvented every five years. This constant reimagining of the data center is driven by the need for a larger capacity to address software and data demands as consistently as possible with zero downtime.

Building designs have become a secondary consideration, adapting to serve the needs of The Big Three. Some building designs have become more complex to reduce size while other designs remain simple but larger.

Despite all these changes, the goals of data center fire protection remain the same: warn early of a fire, give the occupants options, and do no additional harm. If you select fire protection systems with these precepts, then they will parallel the mission of the data center.

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oxygenOxygen Reduction Fire Protection 101: An Introduction and Case Study
By Adam Barowy and Scott Creighton, F(PE)
Fire Protection Engineering QT3 2016

For approximately 20 years, oxygen reduction fire protection systems have been developing  as a new approach to providing a primary means of fire protection for enclosed spaces. The design concept of these systems is to reduce the oxygen concentration within a space (by constant inerting with nitrogen) sufficiently to prevent ordinarily combustible materials from igniting in the presence of a typical ignition source. Oxygen reduction systems should not be confused with gaseous extinguishing systems, which discharge extinguishing agents after a fire starts in response to detection. Oxygen reduction systems provide constant control over the gaseous makeup of the enclosure while online.

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water_mistAn Update on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems
By Magnus Arvidson
Fire Protection Engineering QT3 2016

A new technical report from SP (Technical Institute of Sweden) presents the results of the development of water mist fire protection systems over the last few years. This report a) describes new technology and presents the results of confirmatory trials for various applications, b) describes installation regulations together with test methods and their applications; and c) presents examples of both good and bad experiences from real installations.

New Applications

Roadway tunnels are a particular application in which sprinklers are not, and have not been, particularly common. Increasing traffic on the European road network, ever more tunnels, and, not least, several serious tunnel fires, have paved the way for the use of sprinklers. Water mist systems have been launched as an alternative to traditional sprinklers or water spray systems, and, in recent years, several largescale tests have shown positive performance.

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miningTyco Partners with Caterpillar on Mining Equipment Fire Suppression Systems
CAT D10 dozer at MINExpo featuring a factory-installed LVS Liquid Agent Fire Suppression and CHECKFIRE 210 Detection and Actuation System. (Photo: Business Wire)

Business Wire
Yahoo Finance

MARINETTE, Wis.-- Tyco Fire Protection Products, makers of the leading global brand ANSUL®, announced the launch of its factory-installed fire suppression system program with Caterpillar, the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The program will provide factory-installed fire suppression systems on several models of Cat® mining equipment, with the ultimate aim of enhancing vehicle integrity and longevity as well as expediting machine delivery.

With the factory-installed fire suppression system program, select vehicles will be equipped to seamlessly incorporate ANSUL fire protection systems during the earliest stages of vehicle development and production, fully integrating the technology into vehicles and standardizing installation practices worldwide. The Caterpillar and Tyco teams worked collaboratively to design fire suppression systems for Caterpillar vehicles. Vehicles currently offering fire suppression ready and factory-installed fire suppression systems include the D10T2 Dozer, 777G Off-Highway Truck and D11 Dozer, all installed with the ANSUL CHECKFIRE 210 Detection and Actuation and LVS Liquid Agent Fire Suppression System. Additional releases are scheduled in the coming year.

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kozlowskiFormer Tyco CEO Kozlowski is Out of Jail and Back to Work 
Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski, who spent 6-1/2 years in prison after being convicted of corporate fraud_ talked about his life as a big executive, his time in prison, and what he's doing now at a meeting of the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club in Boca Raton. (Marcia Pounds / Sun Sentinel)

By Marcia Heroux Pounds, Contact Reporter

Dennis Kozlowski, who was convicted for using then Boca Raton-based Tyco International as his personal piggy bank, is back working in mergers and acquisitions for a Fort Lauderdale firm.

The former Tyco CEO went to prison for 6-1/2 years after being convicted in a multimillion dollar corporate fraud case. He was released in 2015.

He spoke to the Gold Coast Tiger Bay Club, a group that encourages "public discourse," at an event in Boca Raton. Kozlowski, now 70, talked about going from a top CEO in the country, to head of laundry at a New York State prison, to his life today with his wife and business partner.

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ADS Security Acquires Falcon Fire


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- ADS Security, a regional electronic security and automation company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, has acquired the assets of Falcon Fire Systems in the Charleston, SC market. ADS will retain the Falcon Fire Systems office, establishing it as the third ADS location in the state of South Carolina and the company's twenty-second branch location overall.

"We are thrilled to continue our growth in the Carolinas." said John Cerasuolo, ADS President and CEO. "I'm especially excited to welcome a team with the capabilities and market presence that Falcon Fire Systems brings. This acquisition not only is a great geographic fit, but with the expertise of engineered fire systems it continues our push into the broader commercial integration market."

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CHA Consulting Acquires American Fire Protection (Alabama)

PR Newswire

ALBANY, N.Y. -- CHA Consulting, Inc. announced that they acquired an interest in American Fire Protection, Inc., a leader in custom design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of fire protection systems. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, AFP provides turnkey solutions to the automotive, government/military, manufacturing, and distribution/warehouse markets in the US and internationally.

CHA's CEO & President Mike Carroll states, "The expected growth in the fire protection systems market provides exciting opportunities for the CHA and AFP teams. The demand for global fire protection services and the synergies that exist between our companies and the markets we serve will significantly enhance our ability to provide our clients with innovative, state-of the-art fire protection and engineering services. This partnership is extremely positive for both companies, and I am confident in our future as a leading firm in this very important market.

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EEA Releases Report on Fluorinated Gases


A report was released in December 2016 by the European Environment Agency (EEA) that summarizes the data reported by companies in 2015 on the production, import, and export of fluorinated greenhouse gases in the European Union.
The key findings of the report are as follows:
  • Production of F-gases in the EU declined by 5 % (as CO2-eq) in 2015.
  • F-gas imports to the EU decreased by about 40 %, compared with the exceptionally high amounts reported in 2014 (both by weight and as CO2-eq).
  • EU exports of F-gases decreased by 2 % (by weight) or 1 % (CO2-eq) compared with 2014. However, compared with 2013, exports in 2015 increased by 18 % (by weight) and 23 % (CO2-eq).
  • Supply of F-gases in the EU decreased by about 24 % (by weight and as CO2-eq) since 2014.
Of the total supply of F-gases in the EU in 2015, the amount intended for fire protection applications was 1% by weight and 2% in CO2 equivalents.

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Hiller Acquires American Fire Equipment (Arizona)

The Hiller Companies

Mobile, AL -- The Hiller Companies is pleased to announce that American Fire Equipment Sales and Service Corporation will be joining its team. The Hiller Companies offers fire protection and security products and services that are preserving lives and property all around the world. Hiller, headquartered in Mobile, Alabama, has branch offices from Houston to Boston and purchased American Fire on January 3, 2017.

Hiller prides itself on a strong foundation of experience steeped in almost 100 years in the fire protection industry coupled with the most modern service technology. By combining Hiller's experience with the expertise of American Fire, Hiller is looking forward to expanding their service area in the western United States throughout Arizona, Utah, Nevada and surrounding areas.

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fikeFike Appoints Batz President and CEO

By MDM Publishing Ltd
Gulf Fire

Fike Corporation has named Brad Batz its Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. Batz now serves as President and CEO. He is a third generation Fike family member who has served increasingly responsible roles with the company.

As President and CEO, Batz is charged with leading the strategy and direction of the company globally. Focused on future growth and profitability, he has been instrumental in introducing new initiatives to streamline the company's manufacturing and operational processes. Recently, Batz developed and implemented an aggressive plan for restructuring the company to improve its efficiencies and transition to a market-served organization. This created a more energized, motivated and synergistic internal culture, all while better serving Fike customers and markets around the world.

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tunnelTunnel Gets Smart Fire Protection (UK)
January 2017

Eurotech Fire Systems Ltd.

Motorists in Surrey can drive safely through one of the UK's longest road tunnels with the reassurance that it is protected by the very latest fire detection technology.

Supplied by Waterlooville's Eurotech Fire Systems Ltd, a 'smart' Dual Optical smoke detection system has been installed in critical areas of the Hindhead Tunnel.  The system is designed to detect the difference between smoke, steam and dust ensuring that the tunnel is not closed due to false alarms, but that genuine fire danger can be detected instantly.

Eurotech was brought into the project by main contractors, Balfour Beatty, with the task of helping to protect those areas of the tunnel that house the critical traffic management equipment and other key systems that keep traffic flowing.

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fire_eaterFire Eater Wins Inergen Contract

By MDM Publishing Ltd
Gulf Fire

Manifold Group Trunkline (MGT) - this lump-sum engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project, valued at approximately US$780 million, is integral to KOC's plans to increase and maintain crude production over the next five years. Three new gathering centers (GCs), which form part of the broader project, are already under construction.

Due for completion towards the end of 2017, the MGT system will provide the feedstock to each of the GCs via three independent networks of intermediate manifolds and pipelines. Each of the three GCs will be capable of producing around 100,000 barrels of oil per day together with associated water and gas.

Fire Eater INERGEN® systems will be installed in seventeen substations with main and reserve directional valve systems. The total number of 408, 80 litre cylinders will be installed at 300 bar.

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hfcFire Protection Research Foundation to Evaluate HFC Flammability

By Michael Garry

The Fire Protection Research Foundation will evaluate the fire hazard posed by flammable refrigerants as a pathway to raising their charge limit.

Having secured sufficient financing via a fund-raising effort, the Fire Protection Research Foundation is proceeding with a research project aimed at evaluating the fire hazard posed by ASHRAE Class A3 (flammable) refrigerants.

"I can confirm that we have reached our fund-raising goals and will be moving forward with this research project," said Amanda Kimball, project manager for the Fire Protection Research Foundation, an affiliate of the National Fire Protection Association, based in Quincy, Mass.

The project, expected to be completed in June 2017, would lay the groundwork for raising the 150g federal charge limit on hydrocarbon refrigerants in the U.S. Kimball put the project's total cost of implementation at $170,000, which includes the cost of an engineering contractor, project management, and information dissemination (including a sponsored webinar).

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idexIDEX Names Grogan CFO

Business Wire

LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- IDEX Corporation announced that William K. Grogan has been appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

Mr. Grogan has been at IDEX for five years and has served as Vice President of Finance, Operations since 2015. Prior to that, he was Chief Financial Officer for the Company's Health and Science Technologies and Fire, Safety and Diversified Technologies segments from 2012 to 2015. Before joining IDEX Corporation, Mr. Grogan most recently served as Director of Finance, Store Operations at Walgreen Company from 2011 to 2012. Mr. Grogan holds an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and an Undergraduate degree in Finance from Merrimack College.

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data_centerImproving Data Center Fire Suppression through Simulation (Video)

Future Facilities

In this interview David King, product manager at Future Facilities, talks about the challenges of fire suppression in data centers.

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