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Shir Chadash Shabbat Newsletter
March 20 - March 27, 2020
24 Adar - 2 Nisan, 5780

Due to the recent directives of the Louisiana Department of Health and Governor Edwards, we will not be holding services for an indefinite period. Unfortunately this means that Friday Night Plus with NJ Beats on March 27th and our second night Jazz Seder on April 9th are cancelled.

Shabbat Shalom!

Dear Shir Chadash community,

Once again, we are home for this Shabbat. I know that all of us are stretched thin at the moment. I’m hoping that each of us can find a little bit of Shabbat peace and a sense of community even though we have to stay apart.

We have some new materials for you this week. Please also refer to last week’s email for additional links. You might even want to create a Shabbat database of your own to use as time goes by.
NEW - Virtual services
We will be holding daily services on Thursday mornings (7am) and a Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday nights (6.15pm). Please use this link for Kabbalat Shabbat.

Here is our Shabbat playlist from last week to get you in the mood.

And for our younger members, here is the new Shir Chadash Youtube page, where you can spend some time with Miss Meryl and the Shabbat dinosaur!

Once again we hope to stream a community Havdalah from the Synagogue’s facebook page after Shabbat (around 8.15pm). If you have not already friended us on facebook or you don’t have an account, just click through to it on this link .

Please ‘like’ the page and then you should get a notification when we go live. If the video isn’t showing when you first get to the page, just refresh the page after a few minutes and we should show up!

Shabbat morning at home
If you have a Siddur please use it. We are making our old Sim Shalom siddurim available to anyone who wishes to borrow – please contact the office. 

At the end of this article is Rabbi Wayne Dosick’s prayer to say in place of Kaddish.

Parashot Vayakhel + Pekudei
Shabbat M'varchim HaChodesh
Torah: Exodus 35:1-37:16; 12:1-20
Maftir: Exodus 12:1-20
Haftarah: Ezekiel 45:16-46:18
Torah study

The Torah reading for this week is in the red panel above. If you would like to borrow a Humash from the Synagogue, please let us know promptly and we will have one ready for you to pick up.
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks circulates weekly materials for Torah study with a family edition you can download before Shabbat.


Our Shabbat brochure with the Verse To Live By, yahrzeits, simchas, and donations for this week is attached . You might wish to take special notice of those who are sick and take a moment to direct your thoughts towards them.

Please have a restful, peaceful, sustaining Shabbat. We will be in touch again soon.

Shabbat shalom,
Rabbi Silver
Stay Connected
Join Ramahniks around the globe as we tune in for a virtual concert with
Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, Ramah alum and nationally touring
Jewish musician, song leader, composer, and teacher of Torah.
During these complicated times, the routine of daily life has been turned
upside-down in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic.
Parents find themselves tasked with occupying children who cannot
be in their normal educational environment, while anxiety in the
general population continues to increase in the face of the unknown. 
Ms. Shapira's talk will address some of the current parenting challenges
during this crisis using the model of the "Three Circles of Resilience,"
including how to build resilience during challenging and complicated
situations through the cultivation of identity, communal connection,
and the practice of self-regulation.
Early bird tickets available for $18 through 3/22

Coronavirus and social distancing may have delayed our upcoming LimmudFest, but that will not stop us from continuing to bring people together. 
The first ever eLimmud Festival, to be held virtually on Sunday, March 29, from 11am to 4 pm features dozens of presenters teaching on the most interesting and important Jewish ideas today. Sessions will be offered in five one-hour blocks and will feature nationally known presenters.
Connect with Jewish community, cultivate your curiosity and expand your horizons, all while practicing "social distancing" and staying safe!
Have you ever used ZOOM? We are going to be holding meetings and classes using this online program. Please look at this tutorial so you can join us! We hope to see you soon!
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