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If you have been following our MyBabyExperts web TV show for a while, you know we cover a wide range of important topics for new parents. Some of them are not as easy to address as others, but just as important and needed...


...One of those topics is miscarriage

 and the loss of a baby.


Unfortunately, over a year ago, Joe and I experienced a loss while pregnant with twins.  It was one of the hardest things we have ever had to go through  both as a couple and individually.  We turned inward, not knowing who to turn to while going through our grieving process.




Almost every week in the chat room of our live web tv show, we are seeing the beautiful mom-to-mom support from within our community when one of our moms shares about her loss and the other moms offer their heartfelt condolences.  In the past few months I have come across some amazing resources I would like to share with you on our next show to support you or anyone you know on this topic.


This Tuesday night from 9-10 pm EST, I will be hosting a special conversation with several amazing women who have created beautiful resources to help mothers during this difficult time of need:
  • What to say/what not to say when someone has experienced a loss of their baby?
  • How did you choose to mourn your loss?
  • Resources for yourself or anyone you know who may be going through this.
  • A viewing of the trailer for the amazing new short film by Jhene Erwin, "The House I Keep".
My special guests will be:
Kari Bundy Headshot
Kari Bundy, Founder of Mason's Cause
Jhene Erwin Headshot
Jhene Erwin, Filmmaker "The House I Keep"
Melinda Olson, Founder of
Earth Mama Angel Baby  and

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Can't wait to see you all on the show!!


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