May 21, 2021
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Member Spotlight: Devon Narine-Singh

Recently, we asked CAC Member Devon Narine-Singh to share some thoughts and feelings about his connection to our Cinema community. We are so pleased to share that with all of you now.

CAC: What is one of your favorite memories from the Cinema Arts Centre before our temporary shut-down?

DNS: In light of everything that is happening I remembered a screening the Cinema did in 2013 of the film Omar with actor Adam Bakri in person. It was a powerful experience and conversation and I remember even the theater remarks ranged the spectrum. In these last few weeks I've been thinking back to the screening a lot and it made me really grateful that the Cinema supported a film like Omar, which of course is far from surprising given its decades long history of being at the political forefront. Cinema Arts is many things, including being a site of debate and exchange.
CAC: Why has it been important to you to keep supporting the Cinema while our building has been closed for in-person programs?

DNS: The Cinema will always be a place I considered a home away from home. It has given me a film education that I cannot repay. When I was a freshman in college, we had to watch "Cleo from 5 to 7" which I had already seen in High School thanks to the Cinema (and then Associate Director Rachel Hart.) For the community at large, the Cinema offers the true meaning of community space. It hosts political forums, fundraisers, local filmmaker premieres and more. Growing up on Long Island, I didn't really have other access to many of the films the Cinema shows and it continues to offer a bridge to the wider world. I want the next generation of children and teens and adults, whoever needs it, to have that bridge to another place.
CAC: What has been your favorite movie or event over the past year in our virtual screening room?

DNS: This is a cheat: the drive-in! Volunteering for the Yellow Submarine was such a fun experience and you instantly felt the CAC community as the cars entered. Also it was my first drive-in! It was cool to see the staff and other volunteers. In perfect example of the magic that occurs at a CAC event, I even struck up a conversation with a fellow Volunteer and we discussed what the Cinema had meant to us over the years.
CAC: What are you looking forward to most when we reopen?

DNS: This is a small thing, but my favorite snack at the Cinema was a black coffee and popcorn. No other theater did it better. So that is first and foremost. I'm just going to be happy to see faces I know, smell that one of kind popcorn, see a new release and hit a special event. I want to go to more of Ben Model's events. I think it's truly special what he is offering. 

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Look for Updates in Our Virtual Screening Room...

Check out our Virtual Screening Room for updates, including great programs like:

A 6-week online workshop - Starting Monday, June 21st | 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
If you've been curious about how storytellers at THE MOTH and THIS AMERICAN LIFE (and my show, NOW YOU’RE TALKING!) craft such interesting, wonderful stories, this is the workshop for you, back by popular demand.

This workshop is limited to 30 people so that we'll have time to give everyone personalized attention and feedback. Everyone who is willing will get a chance to tell their story to the group and family/friends at the final Zoom session.

The workshop is taught by Tracey Segarra, an award-winning storyteller whose stories have been broadcast on The Moth Radio Hour, as well as the Story Collider and Risk! podcasts. Tracey also hosts a popular live storytelling show on Long Island, "Now You're Talking!"

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Live virtual screenings
Available May 26th-June 1st
A spectacular documentary event tours through St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum, a wonderful complex of buildings with the largest collection of paintings in the world, to retrace two and a half centuries. Audiences pass through the magnificent interiors that provided a meeting point for foreign artists, architects and intellectuals creating connections through art and culture.

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Opening June 1st!\

With a lucky run at the track and chutzpah for days, Franco Stevens launched Curve, the best-selling lesbian magazine ever published. When Franco learns that Curve is failing, she turns to today’s queer activists to determine her path forward.

CLICK HERE for more info.
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