ClimateXChange introduces State Climate Policy Dashboard
A curated, interactive information hub with state-by-state information on climate policy across sectors

What does it mean to pass adaptation and resilience policy? What does decarbonizing the transportation sector entail? And where can one see where the strongest climate policies have been implemented across the country? The ClimateXChange's brand new State Climate Policy Dashboard (The Dashboard) answers these questions and more, serving as a one-stop shop for all things state climate policy.

The Dashboard has two main components: 1) the State Climate Policy Tracker, which tracks 51 climate policies across all 50 states, and 2) the State Climate Policy Resource Hub, which serves as an educational counterpart to the tracker, providing explanations, resource links, and model state examples for each policy area. This information hub tracks 51 policies across seven different topic areas, across all 50 states including: Climate Governance and Equity; Adaptation and Resilience; Electricity; Buildings and Efficiency; Transportation; Agriculture; Industry, Materials, and Waste Management. Read more.