Dear Friends,

Hopefully everyone participated in #OpenLocalWine this past Saturday . I saw in my Instagram feed many industry members and supporters indulging in special bottles from their collections. The NYWGF team exchanged photos all evening and it was exhilarating to share the moment with each other. Special thanks to Lenn Thompson at the Cork Report for spearheading this effort for East Coast wineries.  

An amazing thing happened every evening at 7pm this past weekend in New York City. Maura and I were waiting in line to get into the 92nd Street Trader Joes, and we started hearing the rumbling noise of people cheering. It sounded like a crowd from sports stadium, but we quickly realized that people were cheering for our first responders and healthcare workers in recognition for their efforts to combat COVID-19.  Maura captured it on her phone on Sunday evening and I thought it would be cool to share since it is probably unique to bigger cities; Argentines started doing this in Buenos Aires when their stay-at-home order started over a week ago. And, I want to echo Governor’s Cuomo’s message of unity (go to minute 26) during this challenging time because we will make it through by supporting each other.