Dear Friends,

This radical change in how we are living creates a tremendous amount of stress. I started feeling funny last night and I woke up this morning achy and lethargic. I chose to use the morning to go back to bed and get more rest. I am constantly emphasizing with my team that their personal health, mental health and the health of their families is of upmost importance. We increased everyone’s paid sick time to provide them the flexibility to take time when they need it for their health or for a loved one. This is going to be a long campaign to eradicate COVID-19, more challenges are ahead, and we need our health to keep a positive outlook and to keep moving forward. I am feeling better tonight and ready to keep fighting for the grape and wine industry.

I received many encouraging emails from friends and industry partners over the past 24 hours who appreciate these updates. Some of them even provided resources from their organizations to help make sense of this crisis and how to keep businesses moving forward. The NYWGF team is also actively developing a marketing plan to support the New York industry as we adjust to this new reality.

Pablo Olay, VP at Padilla New York and a recent B.E.V. NY Business Day Speaker, shared with me Padilla's ongoing analysis of the conversations, trending and inflection points around COVID-19 both for their understanding of the situation and for sharing with agency friends and clients. Their report will be updated and posted to their Web site and social media channels every Monday and Friday ( click here for the report).

Jonathan Lange, EVP at Campbell Ewald, also a recent B.E.V. NY Business Day Speaker, shared a document from his strategy team that summarizes six topics they are seeing and reading about right now as it relates to COVID-19. They developed this document as a resource for their clients who have been asking many questions around business, advertising, and what brands are doing in this unusual environment ( click here for the report).

WineAmerica continues to step up its efforts for United States wine industry. Today, they released a survey to gather information on the impact of COVID-19 on the national wine industry. The information will be vital as WineAmerica works with Congress on measures to provide relief to our industry.

Now, for a little humor, I would like to share a video that my mom sent me earlier this week. Imagine if you had to barter wine or concord grape juice for toilet paper and hand sanitizer!