Plainfield EIDs - October 2019
Plainfield EID Landowner News

We hope this newsletter finds you well. As you may recall, 2020 begins the merged Plainfield Economic Improvement District. You can locate the full 2020 Plainfield EID Strategic Plan on the Plainfield EID website established this year to keep everyone informed. On this site, you can access the Strategic Plan, meeting dates and times, minutes, reporting and more. We also have a section to introduce you to our current board members with their contact information. 

EID Board Opportunities: Would you be interested in serving on the Plainfield EID Board of Directors? 

There are only 2 requirements: 
Must be or represent a landowner within the EID boundaries, and
Must be able to attend meetings in person (for quorum and voting).
If you are interested, please send your contact information to Cinda Kelley at  or call directly at 765-721-7481.   

For questions about the EID or your parcel assessment, please contact us at .

In 2019, the EID Board of Directors expanded efforts to help connect employers to potential employees. Over 15 companies and staffing agencies have posted their jobs to the website. In addition, advertising on social media venues such as Twitter and Facebook are being used to give a boost to potential employees outside the immediate area. 

Please do join us in sharing our Plainfield-EID social media posts: Links here to Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .
Want to be a hero to your clients? Simple. Share the items below and let them know that the EID (that's you) is expanding bus service to address greater company need in Q4 AND offering FREE advertising of their job posts to nearly 80,000 candidates just this month! All they do is send an email to to get started.
Get connected to reliable public transportation. The EID in partnership with CIRTA keeps the Plainfield North and South Connectors delivering employees to and from work with direct links to IndyGo. When in Indy, watch for IndyGo buses promoting Plainfield jobs and the Connectors.
EID Offers FREE Hiring Posts & Advertising
It's quick and easy to get your company involved - No Strings

Since launching the dedicated website in June, the EID has been developing value-added services and support for the benefit of companies within the District. If you're receiving this newsletter, that's YOU.

Ads placed on Facebook & Instagram connect new and qualified job-seekers directly to the hiring processes of several of our companies. .

Adding YOUR company is easy - send your logo and preferred contact method, such as a link to your web-based hiring process and/or email address to:

Again, this service is completely FREE to EID companies. Today's ads are reaching more than 75K potential candidates. Shouldn't they know you're hiring too?
The next meeting of the Plainfield EID Board of Directors will be held
January 22nd, 2020 at 11:00AM
2680 E Main Street, Conf Rm 1, Plainfield, IN 46168
Kelley and Associates LLC | 2680 E Main St. Ste 309, Plainfield, IN 46168