Hello Art Supporters,
As we head into the next chapter of this unique and challenging way of life, the Arts Council of Placer County wishes you all good health and as much happiness as you can muster during these trying times.
We are here to support all of the artists and arts organizations of Placer County in any way that we can.
With children out of school and most of us confined to our residences, we also realize that you may be looking for ways to spend your time. We will be sending out another email very soon with opportunities to enjoy and create all types of art during this stay at home directive . Look for art projects, performances, interactions and a local online art auction that will benefit all the local artists and organizations.
We are proud to represent Placer County and the California Arts Council as your designated local Arts partner and will be here for you throughout this entire ordeal. Arts has always played an integral role in helping us chart new territory during challenging times, we are here to ensure that legacy hold true. To that end, it is important to make sure the Arts remain an important part of your lives during this time, and we will promote all we can, from art projects, live streaming performances, fun and games, etc.
WASH YOUR HANDS, PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING and spread the word on the Arts.
If you have anything you would like promoted on the next email and on our website, please email:

Our office is of course closed until further notice. Staff is working remotely, so please feel free to reach us by email or phone:

Sincerely ,
ACPC Board of Directors and Executive Director
Karen Killebrew, Chair
Barbara Burge, Vice Chair
Twiana Armstrong-Bryant, Secretary
Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Treasurer
Janet Nicholson, Member
Julie Gilmore, Member
Elizabeth Dolbec, Member
Jim Crosthwaite, Executive Director  

Art by Marianne Harris
Art by Robin Gail