The Downtown Crossing team thanks the New Haven community for their patience during the delay in the new Orange Street intersection’s opening. 

What originally was to be a weather-related delay of just a couple weeks in September was extended significantly when supply chain delays prolonged the delivery of vital pieces of equipment for the pedestrian-crossing signals.

At first, suppliers thought the delay would be just a few weeks, but the delay wore on much longer than anyone anticipated, and it became clear that the length of the delay could not be predicted.

There is good news: all delayed parts have now been received and the new Orange Street intersection will open in early 2022!

As the Downtown Crossing project team finishes up the installation of all pedestrian and bicyclist infrastructure and completes final inspections, the team will be able to identify and publicly announce a new date for the opening. We anticipate this to occur in the next month.

When the new intersection opens it will be historic: the first time Orange Street will be reconnected in approximately 60 years, another connection between Downtown and the Hill and Union Station, and the first protected bike and pedestrian intersection in Connecticut. We look forward to celebrating this with you!

Again, we thank you for your patience.