Special Weather Bulletin: 2017 February 8
February 8, 2017
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Carl Suraci
Deputy Mayor
Gloria McCauley
Greg Burchette
Frank DelCore
Doug Tomson

REMINDER: 911 is for Emergency use only.  Non emergencies, please call 908-369-4323
Reminder to All Residents: Parking Prohibited on Snow Covered Roads - Clear Snow and Ice from Vehicles Before Operating

Committeeman Frank DelCore, Liaison to Public Safety would like to remind all residents, of the prohibition of parking on snow covered roads.  "Township Code Chapter 143-21 prohibits parking on snow covered roads.  When snow is anticipated, use off street parking as an alternative.  Vehicles are subject to summonses and the potential of being towed at the owner's expense," reported Committeeman DelCore.

Whenever snow has fallen and the accumulation is such that it covers the street or highway an emergency shall exist, and no vehicle shall be parked on either side of any of the streets or parts thereof as described in Schedule XVI (ยง 143-45 ) of the Township Code.

"It is necessary to have the streets accessible and free from vehicles parked on the side to allow for the plows to complete their work," added Committeeman DelCore.

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Winter Storm Reminders
  • In the event you experience a loss of power, please contact your power company directly and report the outage.   Do not assume that the outage has already been reported.  JCP&L: 888-544-4877 and PSE&G 800-436-7734.  
  • Do not touch or attempt to move downed lines.
  • Do not operate generators inside your residence or your garage; use only outdoors.
  • If you are using candles, please ensure they are not placed by any flammable material and remain attended while lit.  Please extinguish candles when leaving a room.
  • If using space heaters, ensure they are placed in a safe location away from flammable materials and walls.
  • 911 is for Emergency use only.  Non emergencies, please call 908-369-4323.
  • On street parking is prohibited during the storm.
  • All residents are encouraged to remain at home, but if you need to venture out, please allow extra travel time to allow for safe arrival at your destination.
  • Do not place trash cans or recycling cans out until the plows have passed.  If you must put them out, place them well back from the curb line so the plows or projected snow does not hit them.  Remove empty cans as soon as possible.
For safety sake, please keep all children away from streets and out of the way of snow plows. The drivers of such trucks sit high and it should not be assumed that they will see a child playing in or near the street.
Snow and Your Driveway

Individual property owners are responsible for their driveways and sidewalks.

During plow-able snow events, some snow from the roadway will inevitably end up in your driveway so, if possible, try not to shovel your driveway until your street has been completely plowed. The Public Works Department will attempt to clear the center of the street first, then each side.  

When shoveling your driveway, do not blow or shovel the snow from your driveway or sidewalk into the street. Place snow on the left side of the driveway (as you look at the house) so that when the plow comes along, the snow is not plowed into your driveway, but rather pulled away from it.