November 12, 2020

Special Words from Vicki

I always vow not to be on Facebook but then I get tempted and just take a quick look. Last night was one of those nights. I couldn’t sleep and while everything I read tells you that if you can’t sleep media is not the best thing to do I did it anyway.

As a result of my quick look I was amazed at how many people already have their Christmas trees up. I know with the kind of year that we have had that everyone is ready to move on to the next event. Christmas is traditionally a happy time so I guess I get it.

While this year our holiday celebrations may not look like they have in the past, one thing is still the same and that is that Jesus Christ was born and we can celebrate that. 

So, in looking for ways that we can generate funds for Women’s Ministries we are promoting t-shirt sales. This month the shirt has a Christmas theme. You will receive your shirt in time to enjoy it during the Christmas season. Proceeds from the shirt sales will go to missions.
Plainly speaking this is the way I would like for you to look at it. We are asking that you make a $20 donation to Women’s Ministries and you get a free t-shirt! 

What could be easier than that!

Don't miss out on this Christmas T-shirt!

Place your order by Friday, November 13th!

How do I order?

  • Call Kris at 573-785-7746

T-shirts are available in short sleeve:
Small - XL ($20.00) 2XL -4XL ($22.00)

Long Sleeve:
Small - XL ($22.00) 2Xl - 3XL ($24.00)

We also have youth sizes in short sleeves only ($20.00)

With FREE shipping on all orders!!!

Remember all orders must be received by November 13th!

Don't Forget!!!

ABC Offering this year will go toward the ministry in West Africa!

Sunday, December 6 is ABC Offering Day!

Please send all offerings to:
General Baptist Women's Ministries
100 Stinson Drive
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901

Urgent Need In Honduras!

First the good news, water is receding in Honduras. The bad news is that it is beginning to reveal just how devastating things are. So many have lost everything (when they hardly had anything to begin with). Countless are homeless. People are hungry. And yes, we have several in our Honduran GB family and FH alumni who are a part of those who have lost all.
Pray and if so led please give to the Honduras Eta relief fund. We are spending what we currently have, but we will need more soon. We have purchased rice, beans, Maseca, etc to distribute to our churches who will feed the people.
100 lbs of rice = $34; 100 lbs of beans $43, Maseca = $32

Send donations to GBIM, 100 Stinson Dr, Poplar Bluff, Mo 63901 marked "Honduras Eta Relief." You can also give online at this link,
November Birthdays:

11/22 Emily Yeomans
BP 10065
Niamey, Niger West Africa
General Baptist Council of Associations now has a text to give option. The number is 573-282-7171. Type in text to give and it will direct you to the site.
This option is not available for giving to Women’s Ministries.
If you know of someone who is not receiving Boundless, please email me their email address and I will set them up to receive this free online newsletter.
General Baptist Women's Ministries
100 Stinson Dr
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901