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5 Finalists for Thought Leader of the Year Award

The winner will be announced at the 2016 Winter Conference

Bo Burlingham, an Author who wrote "Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top". This book takes readers through the entire exit process from the business owners' point of view.

Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, a Professor of International Business at Brandeis University and Co-Director of Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship, advances the theory of "Remix Strategy" as a way for mergers and acquisitions to be more effective.

Angela Martin, Esq. has co-authored and developed "An Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting a Business in New Hampshire," which is a comprehensive publication that provides entrepreneurs and start-up businesses with detailed information and guidance on various legal issues related to creating start-up businesses in New Hampshire.

Ken Sanginario, Founder of Corporate Value Metrics.  His unique proprietary process, groundbreaking software (VOP), and education leadership, has made him a leading national authority on how to transform companies to achieve maximum value and transaction readiness.
Carl Sheeler, a Managing Director, Global Group Leader of Family Office & Business Strategies, from Berkeley Research Group, LLC, authored "Equity Value Enhancement: A Tool to Leverage Human and Financial Capital While Managing Risk."

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Structured as a marketplace with hospitality suites and networking events to foster business opportunities, the International Private Equity Market (IPEM) is the world's first international PE event to gather the whole value chain of the Private Equity industry, from PE professionals (GPs, LPs, Debt, Advisors...) to business owners, for 3 days of business meetings and intensive networking.
1,500 participants from 25 countries are expected in Cannes on the French Riviera from February 17-19, 2016. The primary objective of this innovative event is to create an environment where all the talents from the PE industry can share experiences, meet future partners and explore the industry trends together.
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2016 Winter Conference Speakers
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Pointers and Tips When Negotiating Contracts With

Chinese Companies


By Caroline Berube, Managing Partner at HJM Asia Law & Co. LLC

From the Introduction:  This article summarizes the pointers and tips to keep in mind when negotiating contracts with Chinese companies, namely: Company searches and credit checks, undertaking other due diligence, use of contracts, and authorized signatories.
 Taken from Section B : Due Diligence
Although due diligence has been seen as being more important in the last decade, due diligence on target companies is still less common in China than in the Western world.
HJM conducted due diligence on a Beijing company in early 2013. Our investigation showed that this company was well organized; the officers of the company were cooperating during the due diligence exercise and the company records were easily available. However, the officers mentioned that it was the first time they heard about and experienced a due diligence process.
For a majority of Chinese companies, cultural sensitivities play a part. Company personnel feel offended if a team of lawyers or other professionals come to their office, scrutinize their documentation and interview their staff with dozens of questions, despite the due diligence team acting professionally and cordially.
Therefore, when conducting due diligence in China, certain aspects which may be perceived to be " offensive"
by the target company may be best eliminated from the process (depending on the circumstances). For example, reviewing documentation, such as certificates on-site and interviewing the employees of the target company could be substituted by doing a neutral credit check, interviewing long-standing counter-parties of the target company (should they be willing to co-operate), and other means that would not directly cause conflict.
You can read the full report here
To see the full agenda for the 2016 Conference, and to learn about cross border M&A with Caroline Berube, visit us online

Organizational Culture in Mergers and Acquisitions As A Play In Three Acts

The challenge for organizations is to start thinking through the beliefs that underpin their culture and to think through the values, descriptive and aspirational, that they want to be calling out. When organizations begin this exercise, they can then start the process of aligning strategy, processes and culture to truly start driving impact in their organization and industry.
It's not until you align culture with strategy and process that you truly see differentiation in your organization. At Prescient Strategists, we see organizations all the time that have focused their efforts on building a new strategy or creating a new process but ignoring the culture. They typically come to us afterwards, realizing that they may have created a new organizational structure, with new strategies, and new hierarchies that were supposed to create new workflows, new systems of interaction and new results, but they've ignored the culture.
Work continues to get done through old patterns of interaction. People use the systems and processes that they were traditionally accustomed to; work gets done through informal networks that can ultimately undermine the initial changes in strategy and process that are critical in the first 180 days following the close of a transaction.
Simply stated, cultural integration is crucial to the success of any merger. Failure to achieve it can threaten the outcome of multibillion-dollar transactions.
To hear Dr. Curtis Odom, and the resto of the pannel speak on the "22 Flavors of Value Growth Advisors", register online today for the 2016 Winter Conference.

Deal Source Pros Key to Producing Top-Quartile

 Market Coverage 


Nadim Malik, Founder of Sutton Place Strategies, LLC

If there was only one takeaway from the 2015 edition of the Sutton Place Strategies Deal Origination Benchmark Report, it would be this: that deal sourcing remains both a challenge, as well as an opportunity for general partners to unlock value for their investors.

Average market coverage of 18.6 percent is down slightly compared to 19.3 percent in 2014. If you are a private equity professional you might be thinking, "But our firm's deal flow is up over 10 percent compared to last year, so how can market coverage be down?" What's even more perplexing is that according to Sutton Place Strategies's proprietary database of M&A transactions in the United States and Canada, the number of completed transactions in the first half of 2015 is actually down 4.4 percent from the same period in 2014.

So how can deal flow be up, closed transactions decline, and market coverage be relatively flat? There are two factors working together that help explain this. First, greater efficiencies in the M&A process are resulting in buyers getting "more looks." In other words, a banker that may have shown a deal to 50 firms in the past, could now just as easily show it to many more. This explains the increase in overall deal flow among PE firms. However, since it continues to be a seller's market, more owners are "considering" selling and talking to buyers but are really only ready to sell at their
price. This mismatch in buyers and sellers expectations on valuation, and the increasing ability on the part of intermediaries to expand their network of potential buyers, may explain what on the surface may seem counter-intuitive.
You can read the rest of the article here
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Personal Transition Planning: New Opportunities for You and Buiness Owners

An estimated seven million baby-boomer business owners will exit their companies over the next 20 years - and many of them are your clients. How can you, as a CPA, take advantage of this growing wave so that, instead of losing your clients, you can actually develop new business opportunities from these transitions? In addition, when you are ready to exit from your own CPA practice, how can you transition most successfully for both your maximum financial outcome, as well as your personal satisfaction?

The process of personal transition planning can successfully answer the questions above.
Transition planning will benefit your business-owner clients while opening up new business opportunities for you.  If you are thinking about leaving your own business or firm, you can benefit personally from engaging in your own transition planning.

The Time Factor
A major reason why business owners fail to make successful business transitions is because of costly misconceptions about time. Many owners believe that it is too early for them to plan what they are going to do with their businesses or with their lives after leaving their businesses. Another common misconception is the belief that they do not have the time to make a plan for exiting their companies. Owners often think it will take no time to sell their businesses, which can cause them to walk into your CPA firm and announce that they want to sell their companies immediately.

The fact is that if owners fail to take the time to plan, they have created a plan to fail. Overnight transactions are not based in reality, since owners will need time to meet with professional advisors such as CPAs, lawyers, financial planners, etc. with expertise in the exiting process. It also takes time to create a strategic game plan, so the owner can get the company into the best business and financial shape possible to realize the maximum amount of money.

To read the next section "What Transition Planning Can Do for Business Owners - And for You" , and for the full article, click here


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November 14th-18th, 2016
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