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Special Year-end Message:

Dear GHCA supporters,

Many have felt a strong impact from our presentations of Dr Doug Petrovich’s work on the archaeology of the Hebrew sojourn in Egypt. That includes the events surrounding Joseph’s predicted seven years of abundance and of famine; the entry of Jacob’s clan; the invention and first use of the first alphabetic language – Hebrew, written on through to the Exodus event. On December 3 I presented a detailed presentation of this material from Dr. Petrovich and some of you were in the audience that night. The next step is to get this material on the GHCA website and then make a mailing calling Dr. Petrovich’s work to the attention of the leadership of Houston’s Christian community.

A final version of that work, done for our website, is unfortunately not ready yet. So I will cancel the January GHCA presentation to provide needed time to complete the Petrovich archaeology project. As I bring that project to completion I hope to line up a series of very knowledgeable outside speakers to present at the GHCA via Zoom. In the mean time, I will research and prepare updates in the major areas of geology, isotope dating, cosmology, genetics, and biology. Please pray for God’s blessings on all of this work.

Funding of GHCA's work is another issue for the New Year. I know that nearly everyone is on a tighter budget than usual and some are desperate. However, we need some funding from those who can afford it. True, the IRS has not granted us a tax exemption, but even so, we need some significant operating funds. Please consider this in your end of the year giving. The simplest way to give is send a check made out to GHCA and mail it to:

12111 Attlee Dr.
Houston , TX 77077

Thanks in advance for your help,

Frank Mayo
President, GHCA

The GHCA's Petrovich Archaeology Project for 2020:

Archaeologist Dr. Douglas Petrovich is the source of most of the new evidence. A key to the success of his work is a more complete decipherment of the earliest inscriptions using an alphabet. This earliest alphabetic writing first appears in Egypt. These inscriptions started appearing shortly after the time Jacob entered Egypt with Joseph second in command over all but the pharaoh.
Dr. Petrovich shows they are best deciphered as the first written form of Hebrew.

Shortly the GHCA will have on our website a detailed overview of Dr. Petrovich's ground breaking work with timelines including major people and events. We will also provide links to most of Dr. Petrovich's publication and video lectures because every church leader and scholar should become familiar with this this work
Frank Mayo, President
Greater Houston Creation Association
Examples of Important YEC Scientific Evidences 
Some major examples of physical evidence we point to include:
  • Remains of original soft tissue still found in dinosaur bones. Along with that tissue is C-14 that would decay completely away in less than a hundred thousand years, a tiny fraction of the dinosaur fossil's supposed age.
  • For many years geologists have found C-14 in fossil carbon throughout the fossil record. So, the entire fossil record is less than 100,000 years old.
  • The origin of the information and molecular machinery in the first living self-reproducing cell remains a complete enigma for biologist and biochemists.
  • In the origin of the universe, big bang theory is being recognized as a dead end by increasing numbers of secular scientists. The hypothesized inflation has nothing to start it, drive it forward, or stop it. Without inflation fatal flaws appear with the absence of predicted antimatter, magnetic monopoles, or any means for the whole universe to come to the same precise background temperature. Then the formation of the first stars is as enigmatic as the origin of the first biological cell. Dark matter and dark energy are as enigmatic as the galactic motions they are needed to explain.
At the root of all standard science are many assumptions that may be quite incorrect. At the top of these is that there is no God. Another is that present process can be used to explain everything in the past. When we look at a canyon we are taught to assume the river at the bottom cut the canyon. But perhaps tectonic events made the canyon and there is a river at the bottom because water always flows downhill. At the root of big bang theory is a pure assumption that has been named the "Cosmological Principle". Perhaps inaccuracies there are responsible for the big bang's multitude of problems.   
There is more about the role of assumptions in science found on our website here. There are many more resources on young earth and young universe evidences here.