So many thoughts -
drop your intelligence.
and throw the pebble into the lake.
Watch it gently fall towards the bottom
and disappear.

The Mindfulness Lectures presents:

Saturday, December 7, 2013
3:00pm - 5:00pm

The approach of Christmas tends to activate the call of transcendence in people's minds. This is a good opportunity to reflect on the connection between science, philosophy and religion through the lens of mindfulness practice. Are they really separate disciplines or is there a convergent truth underlying them all?


A longer than usual meditation practice will introduce this lecture.

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Concern with enlightenment is impractical. 

Searching for enlightenment endarkens the mind. By way of conceptual entrapment a preoccupation with the lofty goal of enlightenment sets in. A whole cascade of subcortical striving processes gets unleashed that hinders precisely what we are trying to achieve. Moments of bliss are mistaken for clarity and well-spoken teachers are mistaken for being enlightened. One can bask in the conceptual certainty of salvation as a substitute for real liberation. One can rest in a dissociated state of lofty adoration having lost the ground under one's feet.


Progressive and unexpected unendarkment is much more effective.


There is always more to feel and more territory to explore; there are always more opportunities to open, grow and change; forms of suppression we are not aware of are endlessly there to be discovered, and there is always more old baggage to dig up, which we hold on to even when no longer needed.  


The light of enlightenment shines through the demise of all expectations of arrival. When we are cast away, far from the cozy enlightenment club, chipping away layers and layers of illusion by humbly polishing the fine filaments of the present moment, we can see the darkness slowly recede.  


The grail of freedom is hidden in the most unlikely place, our embodied self-awareness. The body is the door to the Oneness of Being. Released from preoccupation with a fantasy of enlightenment we do not need to worry about, the brightest light begins to shine through the imperfect limitations of our diligent examination of reality. Rather than transcendence, it is immanence that we mine, becoming transparent to eternity's penetration of the world of time and space. By beaming the light of awareness into the dense darkness of the body we awaken to its timeless mystery, our true nameless nature.

With kind regards,

Dr. T.

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