Dear Friends:
Beginning, this Sunday, October 11th, we will be experimenting with in-person worship in the sanctuary at 9:15 am. If all goes well, we will consider whether McComas Hall may be used for worship. The challenge with McComas Hall is that it is used for so many different ministries, and each ministry that takes place in that space somewhat limits what else we can do there because of COVID precautions. 
In addition to in-person worship in the sanctuary, we will continue with our online worship experiences at 9:15 am and 10:30 am on Facebook LIVE. This will be our plan for October and November, however our Re-Entry Team will continue to evaluate this on a monthly basis. We want to be flexible, as we may need to continually alter our plans in response to our ever-changing world.   
I cannot emphasize this enough…if you are in the high-risk category for COVID, please don’t come back inside the building. It’s just not safe enough yet. Please continue worshipping online with us in the comfort of your own homes. If you are not in the high-risk category, and would like to try in-person worship, here are some things you should know beforehand.
Rules for Re-Entry: 
1.   Masks will be required inside the building.
2.   Social-distancing is required. You may sit with your family units, but family units will be social-distanced in the sanctuary.
3.   Every other pew has been blocked off with ribbon to help maintain 6 feet of social-distancing.
4.   Entry to the Sanctuary will be via the Narthex doors, except anyone with Handicap issues can use the Linwood doors.
5.   Look for the arrows on the ground; arrows will direct you. We will enter the sanctuary by the center aisle. We will leave by the side aisles. 
6.   As the pews are filled, please slide over toward the side aisles so that others can enter the pew safely and maintain social-distancing.
7.   There will not be any food or coffee served.
8.   Communion will served in individual, disposable cups
9.   We are not yet allowed to sing indoors. Singing will be by a cantor, duet, or quartet. 
10. At the end of the service, please exit via the Linwood doors, or down the ramp to the McComas doors.
11.Blue masking tape has been placed on the backs of every other pew as a visual reminder of what 6 feet is for social-distancing.
12.To maintain capacity limits and provide attendance information, worship spaces must be reserved ahead of time by signing up.
13.There will be offering plates in the back or you have the option of giving online. There is also a Give button on the ChurchLife app.

You may sign-up by clicking here: or by using the ChurchLife app on your phone.