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Dear Friends,
It's almost here! Steeple to the Streets is  THIS SATURDAY! If you're not already signed up to be a part of this great (and EASY) outreach opportunity, do it now. Go  here to say YES to be a part of Trinity getting to know the community around us and the people who live here. Say YES to keeping your eyes and ears and heart open as you PRAY, OBSERVE, and ENGAGE however God leads you. When you click the link, you can choose one of the pre-designated locations offered or pick your own spot where you want to get to know the people who live, work, and play there.  If you can participate from 10am to 11am, great. If that time doesn't work for you, pick one that does.   Just commit to spend about an hour (or more or less, depending on your schedule and how you God leads you that day) wherever you go. Did we mention EASY? Sit on a park bench and pay attention to who and what you see. Go to a coffee shop, find a comfy chair, and listen and watch what happens around you. Take a stroll through your neighborhood and notice who is there and what they are doing. If the opportunity presents itself, share a conversation with someone. Get to know them, who they are and what matters to them. And above all, pray quietly in your heart for the people you see.  That's it - that's all we're asking you to do - just pray for, observe and engage in your community. 
EASY, right? So what are you waiting for? Sign up now... right here. I magine the difference it could make if we knew that together, for one hour  on Saturday , we were all working together to love our neighbors by praying, observing, and engaging. 
Let's take it to the streets!

Grace and Peace,
Catherine  Steve