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Welcome to our Virtual Worship for Palm Sunday, and the Sunday of the Passion
You can preview our texts here: 
(This week, we begin with the traditional gospel passage for Palm Sunday - the entry into Jerusalem - and then quickly move to Matthew's story of the passion. The mood shifts dramatically.)
For your convenience, a copy of the virtual bulletin is attached AND - a copy of the dramatic reading of Matthew's Passion - with the congregational parts highlighted in yellow. (Basically, whenever a crowd is called for, we all get to participate). You can open both and follow along, though some parts of the service will be shared on screen. There will also be three music offerings. One will be led by our Music Director, Deb Watson - music is in the bulletin Two shared through You tube. Lyrics for Ah, Holy Jesus are in the bulletin. For the closing hymn, the lyrics will be on the screen.
The service begins promptly at 10 AM but once again we will open the service at 9:45 so we may do a little greeting beforehand, and I certainly invite you to hang out afterwards for virtual coffee hour.
Once again I am going to 'mute all' for certain portions of the service, when other noise and side conversations can be distracting. As I learned this past week, it is not a fool proof system. So, be sure to monitor your own screen and make sure you are muted when you need to be. Those who are reading, leading prayers, etc, can unmute in order to participate. Thanks for all you do to make this a meaningful community gathering.
Here are the links:
A Virtual Service of Holy Communion - Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday
Sunday, April 5 9:45 – 11:45am
Join Zoom Meeting (on pc, laptop, smartphone)

On your cell phone: Dial: 1-646-558-8656 Enter the code when asked: 715310766# Dial on your landline" 1-646-558-8656 Meeting ID: 715 310 766
Looking forward to greeting you on Sunday morning,

Announcing the creation of the All Saints Coronavirus Helpline


In an effort to ensure that the members of the parish are getting the support that they need during this health crisis, we have established a Helpline – a special number for members to call during off hours (between 2 PM and 9 AM) if they need assistance in securing food or medicine, or if they just would like someone to talk with them or pray with them. The line will be monitored when the office is closed and your call will be returned in short order by one of our parish volunteers.

Here is the number:  443-684-6115 .

When to use it:
-         If you need help securing groceries and other household items.
-         If you need help in getting medicines and other health aides.
-         If you would just like some one to talk with you or pray with you.

Again, the number is  443-684-6115 . Until further notice, use it during those hours when the office is closed (2 PM until 9 AM the following morning)

If you have a medical emergency and/or need transport to a medical facility, dial 9-1-1.

If you have a pastoral emergency and would like to speak to Fr. Ken, please call him directly, anytime of day or night, at 410-790-1631.

And please, if a pipe bursts, call a plumber, but in all other situations of need, please call the Helpline:  443-684-6115 .

We are all in this together and together we will see it through.

Peace and blessings!

Principle Mission Project

Please take a few minutes to read and respond to LOVC message in Thursday’s email titled Contemplate and Color. It is very important for the future of All Sain0689.ts and calling a new rector. We want each member to have a voice in this significant decision. Be sure to get your email your votes and any comments to Sherrill Munn, Co-Chair of Living Our Values Commission, at  njoydanciin@aol.com  or by direct mail at Sherrill Munn, 5961 Sunderleigh Drive, Sunderland, MD 
20689. If you have any questions about this mission project, Call Sherrill Munn at 410-286-7586.
The Living Our Values Commission very much appreciate your participation in this important process. Your involvement is a great help to the LOVC and a good step to finding God’s will through the collective inspiration of our members.

Parish Status Updates:

God is at work through people of All Saints as we come together to help each other during this health crisis. Thank you for responding so quickly to the Spirit’s call to meet the needs of – and contribute to the health and safety of – the members of our parish, our communities and beyond! Here’s a quick, partial update. 

(Please contact our respective commission and committee chairs or your Rector and Wardens if you would like more information).

-    The Connections Commission (CC) is keeping us connected despite the new challenges of doing so. Please be watching for updates related to evolving response as the situation evolves.

-   The Parish Family Commission (PFC) has launched a team of parishioners, each taking responsibility for weekly checking on the welfare of our members who are homebound or who have special needs, and they will arrange assistance if needed; They have also created an after-Parish-Office-hours emergency number (443 684-6115) for people in need of assistance (other than emergency medical or police help) to reach out for help in solving their problems.
-   Our HeartF.E.L.T. team is continuing to feed the children we sponsor in coordination with school officials, and has contacted several of the food and housing programs we support to determine how we may help them.

-    Father Ken+ , and Deacon Lisa +. supported by the Worship Commission and other volunteers, have continued Pastoral support to individuals. (If you have a pastoral emergency or just wish to speak or pray with the Rector, please contact him directly at 410-790-1631) . We are conducting worship online. Be watching for the links to use so that you can join us on your PC, smartphone or even by landline. The Wednesday morning healing service will be added to the virtual list. Again, watch for announcements via email and facebook as to how you can participate.

-   Our Campus Use Coordinator and the Finance Commission have contacted the guest-users of our Campus and made arrangements with them that are appropriate to their respective needs; arrangements have also been made for additional cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities.

-    Our Prayer Warden is available to coordinate private prayer sessions with you, with our Deacon, and others.

-   The Living Our Values Commission (LOVC) convened the first of several Parish meetings to explore possibilities for our Principal Mission that will begin next year (you’ll be hearing more from them).
Lent madness , join the fun! If you’re looking for a Lenten discipline that is fun, educational, occasionally goofy, and always joyful, join the Lent Madness journey. Lent needn’t be all doom and gloom. After all, what could be more joyful than a season specifically set aside to get closer to Jesus Christ? Lent madness voting opportunities are e mailed, posted on facebook and can be followed at https://www.lentmadness.org/
A COLORful Easter Celebration Together (while we are apart)
Spread the joy of this Easter season with this simple, yet fun activity you can do at home. Let’s share some love with one another! Here’s how we will do it! Using this link,
print a copy of the lilies and color it however you choose. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can use anything you have on hand - crayons, markers, colored pencils. Enjoy and  BE CREATIVE! There are extra copies in the back of the church on the bench.
Then, using the recently distributed Parish Directory, mail your beautiful Easter lilies to the next person following your directory entry. Each family/listed person in the directory should receive colorful Easter lilies.
If you do not care to participate, please contact  allsaintsparishfamily@gmail.com , or Kelly McDonald (call/text at 864-556-2555) as soon as possible to be sure that someone else takes care of sending to the next person behind you in the directory. If you don’t have a directory copy yet, contact the church and one can be sent to you electronically or in the mail. Finally, if you do not receive a colorful creation of Easter lilies from another member of our parish family by April 8, please let the Parish Family Commission know at the contacts above and they will be sure you receive one!
We hope you enjoy this fun way to care for one another at a distance until we can all share the same physical spaces again.
Our Treasurer and Finance Commission are monitoring our financial status as we continue to serve the community, and with the CC, have implemented new secure, online methods to give and keep up to date on pledges (on the Parish website ( https://www.allsaints1692.org ), click on “Giving” and then click on “Click here to give on line”) or Facebook; Individual parishioners are continuing their pledges and other giving, and some have made special gifts to assist in the present circumstances, and we cannot thank you enough for your continued support and generosity in these times of uncertainty.
The Knitting Group is making arrangements to get together regularly online using Zoom; and, plans are in the works for on-line Parish Trivia and “Jeopardy” play-offs. 

We welcome  everyone’s  ideas for supporting and encouraging each other, and our community. “Ah, but a [person's] reach should exceed [their] grasp, Or what's a heaven for?” (With apologies to Robert Browning).
HEART F.E.L.T. will still function and still needs these items. Pasta sauce with and without meat, pasta sauce w/cheese or white sauce. Small boxes of spaghetti, pasta.
No glass jars please . Cans or plastic jars only. We have a good amount of peanut butter but are low on squeeze bottled Jelly, Jello - type pudding in individual containers, and fruit cocktail or fruit in jello individual serving size packs. Also needed are individual packs of cookies, fruit roll ups, bags of different snacks. Soups, Canned vegetables, for example: green beans, corn, carrots, mixed vegetables are running low, as well as fruit juice in small containers/individual boxes. We have 20 children in the program this year so please buy in bulk when possible. Thank you for supporting this important ministry.
The 2020 Census is here. The results will shape the future of your community. You can complete the Census today at   https://2020census.gov/en.html . It takes less than 10 minutes to complete!
Virtual Trivia – Join the fun from home!
For nearly five years, now, the first Friday night of each month has been set aside for Trivia. In cooperation with Scorpion Brewery, we have been able to raise thousands of dollars to support youth ministry in the County and most recently - thanks to a personal appearance by Lissi Mojica - funds for the next Puerto Rico mission trip. 
Trivia is a serious matter. And, its true fans will endure almost anything for the chance to compete. So, even though we have been ordered - and rightly so - to remain at home as a means of suppressing the spread of COVID 19, it does not mean that we still cannot have some fun while saving lives - even our own - in our community.
The link to the quiz is below.
You will need a PC, lap top or smart phone/smart device to play (We do have video rounds after all and you'll need to see certain clues) 
Registration will begin online at 6:45. You can play alone or as an in-house team. (You will be encouraged to have a team name or - if playing solo - your trivia 'handle'...I personally like 'I am Smartacus', but that may be taken)
Game will begin at 7. 
Hope that you will join us. Here is the link:
Friday Night Trivia: The Safe-Distancing Edition
Friday, April 3 6:45 – 9:30pm
Registration begins at 6:45, the game beings at 7.
Join the other trivia experts by using this link:
Those celebrating birthdays in April: