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January, 2016

Making the Most of Your Summer
Guest Speakers Lisa Bleich, President, College Bound Mentor and Author of Surviving the College Application Process
Beth Cassie, Independent Educational Consultant, College Bound Mentor
When:       Thursday January 28, 2016 
Time:        7:00 pm
Place:       Scotch Plain Library
1927 Bartle Avenue
Who:        High School students and
Cost:        Free

Are you starting to think about how to spend your summer after sophomore or junior year? Are you overwhelmed by all of the options? Are you wondering how colleges view participation in pre-college programs and service trips?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this seminar for parents and students is for you!  Summer is a great time to recharge and refresh after a busy school year. It's also the perfect time to explore interests, develop leadership, and for some students get started on college prep work. We will discuss various summer options and present case studies to demonstrate different ways that students have productively used their summers.