To Our Volunteers...
For many, this national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has become a day of honoring his legacy through volunteering and giving back, a "National Day of Service.”

While we are not able to invite you into our office to work this year on this very day, it only makes sense to take this moment to celebrate the year-round, ongoing work of our volunteers. 

Thank you to those of you who:

  • Sew the beautiful book bags that are the heart of this project and make each child feel special,
  • Prep the materials to be delivered, whether it is by tying puppet heads, tagging bags, stamping the books, or wrapping the books (or all of the above),
  • Pack the book bags with our literacy materials (crayons, writing books, puppets, book marks),
  • Pack a variety of books into boxes for later child-choice at schools and sites of family assistance,
  • Deliver books and book bags ALL over the state, and
  • Do the behind-the-scenes work (fundraising, drafting newsletters, composing thank-you letters, ordering materials, writing grants, planning, serving on committees)
  • And more!
We are honored to be able to volunteer for the good of our community, bringing the gift of literacy to children, empowering them to Play, Write, Read, and imagine their way to a better world. With the help of so many of you, we’ve delivered over 170,000 books and nearly 40,000 book bags in our almost five years of work together.

We could never do all that we do without our HUGE team of volunteers, partnerships with the community, and the generosity of our donors and grantors.

We are making a difference! Our collective work makes the world a better place for everyone.


Now is a great time to volunteer from the safety of your home!
Contact Penny for more information at, or click the button below to visit our volunteer page.