Jenna Grillo, Racing to support people with pain!
Announcing the Premiere Event of Team AWARE!
Representatives of Team AWARE will be on hand to help support Jenna Grillo. and her mission to race in support of people with FM and Chronic pain.
Come meet us all!
Fibromyalgia Awarness Month,
and Race Days May14-15th
It's finally race day for Jenna Grillo at Watkins Glen NY. Follow her at and at and see where she places in the race today. Below are some of the pictures from Friday's Qualifying rounds.
Jenna Chillin just before the race! and
getting ready for the Big event!
Jenna Qualifying at the F2000 Series at Watkins Glen Friday

Jenna, raced Friday to Qualify for Saturday and Sundays race events in the F2000 series at Watkins Glen, NY.

Making a difference with Awarness on a big scale!

Jenna, proudly displays the "Colors" of the NFA on her car at every race event. Go Jenna!

Meet the Grillo's

Jenna, will be racing and her father Don and mother Shannon will be there and we hope many of you and your Fibromyalgia Support groups will be there to meet them and support her efforts!

Come Meet Lynne Matallana founder of the NFA and CEO of the Community Pain Center LIVE and in person at Watkins Glen.

Lynne Matallana will be on hand to meet and greet all who come to support Jenna and help make our presence known to everyone who comes to this special event!
Jenna, Just a woman working in spite of FM

Jenna doing a little "taking care of herself"
work-out. "I always work out before a race, but I don't do too much so I won't be in as much pain when I'm on the race track"
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