The airport is part of the nation’s critical infrastructure
-a message from Lew Bleiweis, Executive Director
We’re all in this together – including the team of dedicated professionals at Asheville Regional Airport. I’d like to take a moment to help you understand what’s happening at AVL.

Airports are considered part of the nation’s critical infrastructure – important to the movement of not only people in general, but possibly swift and efficient movement of needed goods and services. We must remain open.

Therefore, the dedicated team at AVL is working diligently to keep the airport safe and operational during this uncertain time. To learn about our operational response: CLICK HERE (please note that we update this information regularly).

It is important to note that some of you are still flying commercially. There are people who need air travel for a number of reasons, and our airline partners are focused on safely transporting passengers and making changes to itineraries, if needed. If you have upcoming trips planned, be sure to visit your airline’s website for up-to-date information about managing your trip. Here is a link to the airlines’ contact information:  CLICK HERE.

Our hope is universal: that our collective response to this pandemic will have swift and positive results, and we can all return to a more normal life very soon. As we’ve all experienced – a few weeks can change everything. Let’s hope for a new story a few weeks from today. Stay safe, and again, please know that your safety when traveling to and from AVL is – and will always be - our top priority.

From flight crews to airport custodians – the aviation team is working hard
This is an unprecedented time for us all. It is heartwarming to see how, even with social distancing, the world is coming together in so many ways. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the aviation industry for their dedication to keeping flights and airports operating.

As part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, airports must remain open. We are so proud of the team at AVL – from custodians and maintenance professionals, to our operations specialists and public safety officers, guest services clerks, IT team members, parking attendants and many others. They are showing up, working hard to implement enhanced operating requirements and doing their part.

Airlines are also working hard to keep flights flowing for those who need them – even with this temporary reduction in travelers. We are witnessing great dedication from flight crews, ground handling teams, ticket agents, the Transportation Security Administration, the FAA air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance workers, fuel providers and more. And we can’t forget the service providers, such as our restaurant professionals, rental car agents and others who are important members of the team.

Many of the people who are keeping the aviation industry open and operating – including flight crews – live in western North Carolina, and are our friends and neighbors. On behalf of AVL, we want to thank them very publicly for their hard work.
U.S. Department of State info updated regularly
Commercial air travel is being affected by the nation’s response to the pandemic, and we wanted to provide a link to some helpful information.

If you have a trip planned in coming weeks, or if you need to travel soon – it is a good idea to stay abreast of travel restrictions that are currently in place. Here is a helpful link to the U.S. Department of State website, where they are keeping information up-to-date relating to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide: CLICK HERE.

Check back often, as it is uncertain when restrictions will be lifted and travel will return to a more normal operation. 
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