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March 2017  
when you upgrade from FaciliWorks Desktop to FaciliWorks 8i Hosted 
If you're a current user of FaciliWorks Desktop, now is the time to upgrade to our FaciliWorks 8i Hosted CMMS Software. When you choose our hosted option, the software and your database reside on our servers and you simply access the software through a Web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone. We take care of the rest - from installation and launch to ongoing updates and the secure storage of your data.

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Industry News   
Time Usage and Maintenance Management Examined
by Brandon Jones

Time usage is a huge issue within all business but can be combatted with proper attention to detail regarding maintenance management. A huge chunk of time of preventative maintenance staff is often wasted finding the problem, finding out what to do about it and gathering all the parts and materials needed. One of the best ways to combat this loss of time is to better put yourself in control by being proactive. Technology, like CMMS software is one way to remain in control of your machinery and staff and sharply cut the wasted time.

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FaciliWorks 8i - May 18-19, 2017 - Phoenix, AZ
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FaciliWorks 8i Tech Tip
Fixed versus Floating Schedules in FaciliWorks 8i

When setting preventative maintenance (PM) schedules, a fixed or floating designation, along with the last maintenance date and the scheduled frequency, will determine the next date due. When you set the schedule as Floating, the software will always set the next date due based on the frequency of the setting and the last maintenance date (the date completed). For example, a 1 month floating schedule is initially set for 03/15/2017:
Floating schedule
If the PM were completed early, on 02/27/2017, the software will set the Next Date Due to 03/27/2017, one month from the date of completion (shown here on the PM):

Floating PM completed

When you set the schedule as Fixed, it does not matter when the PM is completed, the software will always set the Next Date Due based on the frequency and the initial setting. For example, the same 1 month schedule is initially set for 03/15/2017, fixed:

Fixed schedule

With a Fixed schedule, even if the PM were completed early or late, the software would still set the Next Date Due to 04/15/2017, based on the initial schedule and frequency:

Fixed PM completed

 Since you cannot alter the Last Maintenance Date on the asset (this would create a date discrepancy with the last maintenance date in the asset history), you can change the Next Date Due to whatever you want. However, once the maintenance is completed on that cycle, the software will set the Next Date Due to the 15th of the next month because of the initial Fixed setting.

To permanently reset the Next Date Due, you would need to change this to a Floating schedule. For example, to change the schedule above to be calculated for the 3rd of the month instead of the 15th, change to a floating schedule on the asset record and manually set the Next Date Due to 04/03/2017. Once you complete the PM, the software would set the Next Date Due to exactly 1 month from the date of completion.

If you now want this date to be fixed, you can change it back to a fixed schedule on the asset record and that will reset the initial date; the software would then schedule one month on the 3rd regardless of when it was completed.

We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.  
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