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Volume VIII | Issue 11                                                                                          
March 12, 2019   
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An oncologist explains how to get your loved ones tested for cancer
Joshua Mansour, MD

I see several patients daily with cancer. Some days can be tough, but nothing compares to what they are going through. I know that. The physical anguish and toll that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can take on the body. The burden that the disease can take on the mind and the soul. It's devastating and almost always life-changing. What makes things harder though is when a patient did not go to have one of their screening tests done "because they didn't want to" or "because they didn't think it was necessary."
CVS to change on-hold music after Massachusetts doctor pleads with company to change it 
Kathleen Joyce | Fox News

A Massachusetts doctor is getting his wish after pleading with CVS to change its on-hold jingle after he couldn't take hearing the music anymore. Dr. Steven Schlozman, a child psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, wrote a tongue-in-cheek letter to WBUR-FM last year explaining his hatred for the jingle. The letter sparked a nationwide debate with some people praising the music and others sharing Schlozman's sentiments. The Wall Street Journal called the tune "one of the most polarizing pieces of music in America." Well, Schlozman can now celebrate after a CVS spokeswoman told the Boston Globe Friday that the pharmacy chain is in the process of updating its voice-response phone system, including the on-hold music.

Judge Rules United Behavioral Health Guidelines Led to Denial of Claims Violations 
A California federal judge has issued a landmark ruling that could impact the way insurance companies cover mental health and substance use treatment. Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero of the District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that United Gavel Behavioral Health (UBH) used "flawed" internal guidelines resulting in the unlawful denial of mental health and substance use treatment for those it insured across the country, all in an effort to save money. UBH, which is owned by UnitedHealth, serves more than 60 million members. The case grew out of two consolidated class-action lawsuits ( Wit, et. al. v. UnitedHealthcare et. al. and Alexander, et al. v. United Behavioral Health), filed in 2014 and heard by Judge Spero in 2017 during a 10-day bench trial.
How Much Difference Will Eli Lilly's Half-Price Insulin Make?
Bram Sable-Smith | Kaiser Health News
Between 2009 and 2017 the wholesale price of a single vial of Humalog, the Eli Lilly and Co.-manufactured insulin, nearly tripled - rising from $92.70 to $274.70, according to data from IBM Watson Health. Stories about people with Type 1 diabetes dying when they couldn't afford insulin have made headlines. Last October in Minnesota, state Attorney General Lori Swanson sued insulin manufacturers, alleging price gouging. Pharmaceutical executives were grilled about high drug prices by the Senate Finance Committee on Feb. 26. This is the backdrop for Lilly's announcement last week that it is rolling out a half-priced, generic version of Humalog called "insulin lispro." The list price: $137.35 per vial.
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