Hitachi Cable America manufactures a large selection of copper and fiber optic cables for a wide variety of industries. As experts in building high performance cables, it only makes sense that Hitachi offer cables for oil & gas exploration and mining where performance, reliability and safety are of the utmost importance. As demand for natural resources around the world continues to grow, so does the need to extract these resources in the safest and efficient manner possible. Hitachi cables for natural resource exploration exceed the required industry codes and specifications while also delivering the maximum performance that our customers demand. 
Oil & Gas Cables

Fiber Optic Cables
• NEK 606 Compliant
• Excellent low temperature flexibility (-55°C)
• Flame retardant
• Bronze or stainless steel braid options
• Distribution or Breakout constructions

Jacket Types:
• Polyurethane (flame retardant; oil & gas resistant)
• LSZH (flame retardant; oil & gas resistant)
• Specialty compounds  

Braid Options:
• Bronze
• Stainless steel

• Distribution style (up to 24 fibers)
• Breakout style (up to 24 fibers)
• Hybrids
• Fiber types: 50/125, 62.5/125, 9/125

Ultrasound Pipeline Inspection Cables & Assemblies
• 38 AWG - 50 ohm microcoaxials
-Smaller guages available (40,42 or smaller)
-Multiple conductor (18, 32/34, 64/68)
• TPU Jacket
• Used for ultrasound array assemblies.

Mining Cables

Fiber Optic Cables
Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables
• MSHA listed
• Available with OS2 and OM1 fiber optic glass

Tactical Fiber Optic Cables
• MSHA pending
• Superior durability
• Bend-insensitive glass

Leaky Coaxial
• MSHA Approved
• 75 +/- 3 ohms open spline design
• 11 AWG Solid Bare Copper
• PE inner jacket with yellow PVC outer jacket
• Outside diameter of .627 inches (15.9 mm)
Outside Plant Fiber Optic Cables
• Robust construction with PE jacket
• Gel filled design prevents moisture penetration

Wireless Composite Copper & Fiber Optic Cables
• Copper / fiber composite cables for wireless communications
• Power wires (available: 6 to 12 AWG)
• Alarm wires (18 AWG)
• Fiber cables (Available: 4-48 fibers)

Flexible Flat Cables (FFC)
• Applications include electronic equipment and flat panel display.
To accommodate a wide variety of applications, Hitachi Cable America offers dozens of unique designs intended to meet your specific needs. From high-flex to static, solid conductor to stranded, high-temperature to oil resistant, Hitachi has the right solution. Our most popular constructions are listed in this brochure and others can be found on our website. However, since engineering and manufacturing both occur in Manchester, New Hampshire, we can quickly and easily develop a custom cable if necessary. Though product testing is extremely important with all cables, it is even more so with industrial cables. In addition to in-house testing, which includes environmental exposure testing in Hitachi Cable America’s own environmental chambers, crush testing and electrical testing, flammability testing is performed to ensure the highest level of safety. Hitachi Cable America utilizes Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the world leader in product testing, for all of its flammability testing.

Want to learn how Category cables are made at HCA? Watch this video!