March 13, 2020

Distribution: Volunteer Leaders, Treasurers and Staff
SCORE Leaders:

Because SCORE is recommending that ALL VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF WORK REMOTELY AND POSTPONE SCORE GATHERINGS (to see the full email click here), here are some more specific guidelines around how to handle your workshops and events.

SCORE Chapter Operations:

For events, your choices are to postpone, cancel or move the event to an online tool like Zoom.

1. Communicate to the registrants what the next steps are. There are various email templates below that you can used based on your decision.

2. If you need to refund attendees:
1. Here are the instructions on refunds using PayPal
2. If the funds are no longer in PayPal (transferred to the chapter's checking account) or the money was collected by check or cash, please complete the attached form and email it to  We will issue refund checks as quickly as possible.

3. On the website, update the information for the events accordingly.  For instructions on how to remove the event from the website, or how to edit your event with a standby message or webinar link, click here .  

4. To move the event to Zoom, we will be hosting a live webinar on Monday March 16 that shows you how to move an event to Zoom and record it in our systems. Please familiarize yourself with the Zoom training materials prior to the call.
1. Register here for Hosting SCORE workshops virtually on Zoom on Monday, March 16, at 1 PM ET 
2. Please view the Zoom-provided training materials here.

5. If you have contract concerns, please email We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. 

6. Most venues will not consider COVID-19 cancellation an "act of god" and will request the cancellation fee to be paid; furthermore, our insurance will not cover the cancellations costs.

7. Because of #6 and potential lost revenue, please document every event you are cancelling with projected number of attendees and revenue. Use this document template here and share it back with We will use this to track and share with Congress and SBA as we work to make sure SCORE chapters have the funds they need to operate through the COVID-19 time period.

Marketing Toolkit Overview for Outreach to Clients:

We have also created a number of additional communications tools and templates that you can use to work with clients. Learn more in this COVID-19 Marketing Toolkit Overview document.

This toolkit includes:

1. Email templates to postpone, cancel or change events
2. Social media posts
3. Content to place on your websites

In addition, please remember that we have a variety of content resources available for you to help your clients navigate their business concerns during this time. You can find them here.

I cannot thank you enough for your continued support in delivering SCORE's mission during this trying time. We will continue to communicate with you as we learn more.

Bridget Weston
Acting CEO