The Specimen Tracking &
Courier Management Solution.
The Importance of Specimen Tracking Best Practices
Is your lab CAP accredited? The College of American Pathologists (CAP) serves patients, pathologists, and the public by fostering and advocating best practices in pathology and laboratory medicine. CAP Laboratory Accreditation helps laboratories:

  • Maintain accuracy of test results and ensure accurate patient diagnosis
  • Meet required standards from CLIA, FDA and OSHA (CAP requirements commonly exceed the standards, bolstering patient care and safety)
  • Manage rapidly evolving changes in laboratory medicine and technology
  • Offer professional development and learning opportunities for laboratory staff

MCE was developed to meet the stringent requirements of CAP compliance for specimen tracking. When you combine MCE with a mobile computing device like the Honeywell CT40, specimen couriers and lab managers have access to necessary data to ensure procedures are being followed and patient specimens are getting where they need to go, on time and handled properly. Learn more about it in this month’s blog.
Specimen Transport Training
Although specimen collection is not the responsibility of the courier, issues of specimen tracking and overall specimen quality must be addressed to ensure quality laboratory results. This includes proper handling of specimens as they are transported from the physician’s office to the lab. When couriers are trained in proper and safe handling of specimens, they are more likely to avoid accidents and can be more successful in their jobs. This includes handling procedures appropriate for specimen type and travel time.

For more information about transport training and other important practices according to CAP Guidelines, you can download the Laboratory General Checklist here.

Simplify Courier Route Planning
When performed manually, one of the most time-consuming tasks a lab manager has is daily courier route planning. However, efficient routes mean greater productivity for couriers and enables on-time pick-up and drop-off times. That’s why route optimization is a critical component of MCE.

With MCE route planning takes just a few minutes versus a few hours, and easily accommodates additional stops on an established route for time-sensitive pick-ups and last-minute changes without having to compromise the remaining stops in the couriers’ workday. 

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