Journey into the Wild
Inspiring us to re-imagine our relationship to our world 
Spectacular NAMIBIA-May 28, 2018 - June 10th 2018 

Embark on an adventure into Namibia, a land rich in wildlife,  culture and unrivalled mystery. 'Namib' translates as "vast place" Not only is it one of the least populated destinations on the planet, it is also, at 80 million years old, the most ancient desert in the world,   that reaches all the way to the sea, with twinkling salt pans, and lunar-like red-rock landscapes, Namibia is wild, and spectacular. Our gift- a remembering of the ancient inside.

Tread Lightly 
Traditional culture remains strong here.  We have been invited into the world of the San (Bushmen) the first peoples and the remote Himba villages, we enter with integrity and respect. Here we are guests not only of mother nature but also the indigenous peoples of the land. They see in tourism a chance to celebrate their culture. Our gift-  a re-connection into the heart of our indigenous soul.  
At first it seems nothing is happening here, but when we are still enough to lean in and listen, we find the wild animals tread lightly, too,  in the "big empty" there is life in abundance, and mystery.  The land is refuge to a diverse number of plant and mammal species. Desert elephants, the worlds largest population of free roaming black rhino and almost extinct cheetahs may show themselves on our desert walks. Our gift- a keener awareness of our own true nature and the natural world. 

Namibia  was the first African country to incorporate protection of the environment into its constitution, and the government has reinforced this by giving its communities the opportunity and rights to manage their wildlife through communal conservancies.   A portion of all costs of the journey assists in the upliftment of the indigenous peoples and the conservation of the environment, plants and animals. Our gift- sacred reciprocity a chance to give back and gratitude.

 W e have selected each lodge and destination
 with care and attention. Accomadation is beautiful, comfortable tented camps or spectacular eco lodges where possible. Without an abundance of lodges it  makes the experience all the more special. It is a well deserved investment. 
Extreme places attract unusual people-thanks for listening to the call. Join us on a journey of a lifetime into the vast unknown. Mbali

Journey Itinerary
May 28, 2018 -June 10, 2018 13 nights/14days 

Day 1:  May 28.  Arrive into Windhoek Namibia. Rest and relax. Meet and greet around a sumptuous dinner. (1night) Windhoek Gardens Guesthouse
Day 2:  May 29. T ravel to Fiume bush camp.  An immersion with the San Peoples.

Jo/hoansi Bushmen. Photo courtesy of Ariane Blackman

Day 3 and 4: May 30th-31st.  Fiume Bush Camp (safari tents,  en-suite bathrooms and mosquito nets) is situated on a sand dune, which is surrounded by Kalahari Desert vegetation and savannah grass lands. Come and celebrate the freedom of the African Bush and at the same time rejuvenate, relax and enjoy the riches of nature and the San Culture.
It is a special place to immerse into the lives of the Jo/hoansi Bushmen.  We will join them in their village life in a variety of activities that they devise. There will be no forced voyeurism only fun and play as they share with us bush medicine walks, ancient traditions, and ancient arts. This is an opportunity to meet the San as close to their nature as is still possible. We share an intimate and deeply transformative time with these gentle beings. (3 nights)  

Day 5:
  June 1st.  We leave our gracious hosts and travel close to Etosha National Park  where abundant wildlife congregates around the waterholes. We will travel into the park.  Here we commune with our wild beings where every sighting is a privilege.    A very accessible nature reserve  that offers a complete contrast of wide open grasslands, a massive pan, camel thorn and mopani trees  This diverse vegetation accounts for the abundance of wildlife that
 thrives in the park. Okutala Etosha Lodge is warm hearted and welcoming. (1night) 

Day 6 and 7:  June 2nd and 3rd. A special place awaits us. Etendeka Mountain camp where man treads lightly and nature is respected. It nestles i n the foothills of the Grootberg massif, in stunning scenery set amidst the ancient Etendeka lava flows of northern Damaraland. T his eco-friendly camp bears testimony to Nature's many riches. Desert adapted wildlife forge a precarious existence amongst the towering basalt mountains and Mopani-shaded rivers beds of the Kunene region. The icing on the cake would be to sight a desert elephant or black rhino who share boulder strewn valleys with watchful cheetah and thundering herds of oryx.  Your days here are spent leisurely exploring the area on foot and in open game drive vehicles with an exceptionally knowledgeable guide. Here is a privileged introduction to an ennvironment that holds many of Namibia's unique natural offerings. It is also a time to rest, listen deeply, reflect, revision and redream. (2 nights) 

Day 8:  June 4th. To experience true and authentic we have to travel into the interior of Kaokoveld to gain a deeper immersion with the more remote villages of  the Himba people. The villages are easily accessible from a special place of stunning and spectacular natural beauty,  Okahiringo Elephant LodgeThe first settlements of the Himba people can be traced back to the early 16th century when they crossed the Angolan border and chose Kaokoland as their new homeland. This magnifcent land calls us to be still, listen and deepen into the mystery and magic that it offers

Day 9 and 10:  June 5th and 6th.  
Easy does it.  Okahirongo Elephant Lodge is situated in the Purros Conservancy in Kaokoland, one of the last truly wild areas in the North West of Namibia. It features beautiful mountain landscapes and rugged tranquility, and is a habitat to the uniquely desert adapted Elephant, lion, black rhino and giraffe.  It is also home to the nomadic Himba tribe where we enter their world with respect, to share a vignette of their customs and traditions. Kaokoveld (Kunene) Regionis a mountainous and relatively undeveloped region that takes in the harsh beauty of the Skeleton Coast and the coppery sands of the northern Namib Desert. 
 (3 nights) 

Day 11: June 7th. 
Our return journey is via Twyfelfontein, Damara Land, the eco friendly spectacular Mowani mountain camp where a sanctuary awaits us. Dwarfed by massive orchre boulders, the camp is absorbed by the landscape making it one with our shared history of life in this prehistoric land.  We end the journey back with San treasures.  Ancient rock art, nestles into the landscape, and beckons us to remember, re -imagine and travel back in time. Relax in the sparkling pool. 

Day 12: June 8. Into the heart of the San.  Twyfelfontein is an 'open-air gallery' with the largest single concentration of rock art engravings in southern Africa.  There are over 2000 rock engravings and a few rock paintings, and a chance to view them cannot be by passed.
 The engravings were probably made over a period of 2,000-6,000 years by local San hunter-gatherer peoples, and represent an important aspect of San ritual and belief systems. (2 nights) 

Day 13: June 9.  We slowly traverse an  incredible scenic route from Twylfelfontein back to 
Windhoek. We prepare for our journey home and enjoy a sumptuous goodbye dinner. (1 night) Windhoek Gardens Guest house

Day 14: June 10.  Fly home from Windhoek, the wild and Africa embedded deep in our bones. 

Facilitator and Journey Creator                                                             
South African born, Mbali Marais was raised and educated in London, and has been facilitating, organizing and guiding sacred, cultural and wild nature journeys since 2006, with a focus on the preservation of Indigenous Wisdom, exploring our human origins and animal communication. 
She is an initaited stick diviner in the Dagara tradition of West Africa  and initiated Igqira of the Xhosa South African tradition, and the founder of Return To Origin. She has worked in the  US as a Medicine Woman, HiV counselor, and bodyworker. She also supervised interns in the power of touch at the bedside, in major medicial centers through the Institute for Health and Healing, San Francisco and the bay area. Her work in South Africa has led her to build relationships with master trackers, animal communicators,  African Shamans, origins specialists, deep nature guides and the sacred sites and indigenous peoples of South Africa and Namibia. She dances with and is learning from the Jo/hoansi bushmen in Namibia. She nows lives in the Western Cape, South Africa.

"What an extraordinary gift of opportunity it has been to be part of this journey to South Africa led by Mbali.The journey was exceptional.  Mbali comes with and leads the group with unbroken, sacred relationship to life.  The depth of her integrity has built and holds genuine relationship with the true indigenous people of this land.  The journey is a continuous ritual of honouring and being honoured.  Destinies are woven together, our common humanity and the one purpose that we all share is awakened and grounded." 
Magi Whisson

Your investment for a 13 night, 14 day, transformational journey in spectacular ancient lands, beautiful accommodation, intimate experiences with San, Himba and Damara culture,  communing with wildlife- $5563.  30% non refundable deposit -$1669 due October 25, 2017. Balance-  $3894 due March 10th 2018. $50 discount for early bird special-Balance paid by February 2018. 

2 person accomodation in twin bed rooms in eco lodges and beautiful safari tented accomadation          
Air conditioned transport,  14 seater bus              
All meals
Nature Immersion into spectacular ancient landscape
Access to wildlife sightings 
Intimate,honouring traditional experiences with San and Himba tribes.
Access to heritage sites of San rock art  
Park Fees including Etosha
Game drives
Guided walks
Some gratuities                            
Excellent local guides
Transfer to and from Windhoek airport

Does not include:
Flights to and from Windhoek, Namibia
All Drinks
Full travel and cancellation Insurance ( Mandatory) 
Some gratuities
Special foods and snacks

Places are limited to 10 people, first come first served. To pay your non refundable deposit and reserve your place, email Mbali for further info    

Please contact Mbali at
 for a full packet of information. First come first served basis. Limited Places. No more than 10 people.