Imagine the Possibilities
Virtual Open House Shows Family Promise
Imagine what it would feel like to walk away from the shelter, couch or car you’re sleeping in one morning and by the afternoon, move into a fully furnished apartment, customized for your family.

This dreamlike experience is what our decorators delivered this month. They spent the summer creating places for the 10 new families joining us. Each apartment was not only filled with furniture, but school supplies, cleaning goods, and food staples so that everyone can jump right into their new routines.

We showcased the fruits of their vision this month in our 2021 Virtual Open House.

Families are always floored when they walk in for the first time. Their reactions highlight that the apartments are not just spaces, but reminders of our belief in them.

For the first time, I was proud of everything that I had overcome to make it to this moment—I felt worthy. I have carried that pride ever since.

We want you to feel that love too! Virtual tours of the apartments are available for everyone on our website. 
Community Counts
We celebrated an important milestone in August as our first year families moved into the second part of their time at Saranam.

Families reflected on how far they've come as they prepare to mentor the next group of families. It is a meaningful step for them.

"I am trying to be a role model and a support for the newer families - a new thing for me, to know I have something valuable to offer other people."

Their experience will be instrumental in helping our new families navigate the big changes ahead of them.

We knocked away the stress of the year with a COVID-shaped piñata and some delicious treats. Thanks to the Sprinkle Squad at For Goodness Cakes who delivered 12 custom cakes for each family to bring home to commemorate their success.

We can't wait to see what the next year brings!
It takes a very special person to dedicate time and energy in the New Mexico summer to prepare an entire apartment for a family in need. Luckily, we have a lot of these people!

This year we had 12 teams with over a 100 decorators! In one weekend alone, they put in 230 hours. And that doesn't even include the dozens of people who moved furniture, put together beds and filled the fridges all through the summer.

It is a HUGE task that these volunteers take on every year and we are so grateful that they give their time and talents to us.

Special thanks to:
Lobo Moving-- For professionally and efficiently moving furniture (and at a discount!)
La Cueva Bears Football Team-- For lending us some muscle during our moving day
United Methodist Women-- For making and delivering casseroles to stock freezers
Debra C-- For buying 100+ boxes of cereal for families
Longer Table Woodworking-- For creating entryway stations, children's stools, and other furniture items
Ginger K-- For handmaking fleece and crochet throw blankets for new families
Heights First Church of the Nazarene-- For donating computer chairs, backpacks, and headphones
Our 12 decorator groups and their families and friends!

Thank you for all you do!

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