Monrovia Santa Fe Depot 

After being vacant for a few decades, the historic Monrovia Santa Fe Depot has undergone a remarkable transformation. Once a dilapidated structure, the 1924 train depot has been restored using adaptive reuse plans put into action by its new owner. more

2018 Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Awards
Spectra Company will be honored along with the design teams on two projects at the upcoming Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Awards being held on Wednesday, May 2 at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel.  The Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Awards honor excellence in the field of historic preservation.
  • Freehand Hotel Los Angeles (Commercial Exchange Building)  
  • Starbucks (Gilmore Gas Station)
Congratulations to the teams!

2018 California Preservation Foundation Conference
Sheraton Palo Alto
May 17-20

Session: Blending New and Old Techniques in Materials Restoration Technology
Friday, May 18 | 3:45 PM

Reuben Lombardo and Dick Gee of Spectra Company will be joining a panel of experts for a session at the upcoming 2018 California Preservation Foundation Conference. This session will cover the topics of blending old and new technologies in the restoration of historic building materials including wood, brick, terracotta repair and more!