The Magic CSI Eight Ball Says...
Kevin Vaughn

Wouldn't it be nice to know what the future holds? 

Many of us may remember shaking the "Magic Eight Ball" to questions of our youth and getting answers like, "You May Rely On It", "Don't Count on It", and "Signs Point to Yes". If only we could shake an Eight Ball each day and get direction on our lives, our profession, and any other matters we question.

If we asked a Magic CSI Eight Ball about the future of our CSI Chapter, what would it say? I think it would say something like, "Outlook Good". Our Chapter certainly has its challenges, but all in all, we are moving along in a very positive direction.  

We've just elected a brand new slate of leaders, each of whom brings enormous talent and enthusiasm to the Chapter. The annual ProSpec seminar, presentation, and trade show happened last week in Seattle and was yet another resounding success, due in large part to the efforts of Julie Taylor and her amazing ProSpec Committee. 

This year we have had some great past events and the topics have been extremely interesting and informative. Each time we have a meeting, my only regret is that more of our members aren't there to see and hear these amazing presentations. Though a presentation was not scheduled this March due to ProSpec, it was a lot of fun to enjoy some purely social time with fellow members at the "St. Patrick's Day" themed social we held earlier in March, and in past months at the kickoff member social and the PSCCSI Holiday Party.  

There have been plenty of challenges to be sure, but our Chapter is making progress and is moving at full throttle toward reinventing itself to increase its relevancy and to provide even more value to our membership.

My constructive and earnest advice to our members is to remind you all that if you are on the sidelines, watching invitations come into your inbox yet not attending, I encourage you to come to these presentations, get involved, get active with the Chapter. Attend one of these joint chapter events, reach out to board members, and see where your individual talents can be utilized for the benefit of our Chapter. In order to be successful, we need each and every member to be active and engaged. It's what makes volunteer organizations thrive.

So let's shake the Eight Ball once more and ask this question: "Do I as a member of the Puget Sound Chapter of CSI have something to offer the organization?" The Magic CSI Eight Ball says,  "Without a Doubt"!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at April's Chapter Meeting!

Kevin Vaughn