July 2016
How to Manage the Spectrum Gold Rush  
In the shadow of wireless technology advancements lays the basic foundation on which all transmissions rely: the electromagnetic spectrum. It doesn't usually get a lot of attention, but that makes it no less valuable. So valuable, in fact, it is garnering tens of billions of dollars in spectrum auctions-signaling the intensity of its demand, as well as its limited supply. Learn more.
How Will TV Makers Compete with VR?
Virtual Reality will be a really big thing-if it can overcome the pounding on its fortress gate problem: VR's necessary helmet-like goggles. While VR has a ways to go technologically, it's likely its current problems will be solved. Learn more.
Tuner-Free TVs: Why Now?
Vizio is removing the ATSC tuners that facilitate free-to-air viewing from several of its TV product lines, launching a "new" product called home theater displays. If Vizio isn't concerned about missing sales to potential cord cutters, then why build a device that is used like a TV, but isn't labeled a TV? Learn more.
New DTC Case Study Highlights Spectrum Repack
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) outlined the time and funds it thought necessary to complete the TV spectrum repack program. A group of U.S. television broadcasters believed the FCC's timetable and reimbursement fund fell short and weren't based on a solid research analysis. See how DTC provided that small group of broadcasters with a big voice that got the attention of legislators.  Download the case study.

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