Dear Residents,

As you may know, speeding cars and kids playing on the street has become a source of concern for residents in Area 11, especially on Turing Street and Coltrane Court. ICHA is aware of this concern and has had several meetings with affected residents, HRB members and the UCI Police Department. These meetings have resulted in the HRB Transportation Committee and ICHA developing a plan, in consultation with concerned residents, to improve traffic safety and awareness in these areas. If you are receiving this email, you live in the area of University Hills with the highest usage of Turing Street as a point of entry. We are asking for your cooperation in the effort to increase awareness and improve safety in University Hills.

The proposed plan centers on three "Es": Engineering, Enforcement, and Education. Working in concert, these three approaches are intended to improve safety for children, bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers in Area 11.

Two projects to be completed by the end of 2020 will alleviate some of these concerns. First, the Miramonte Rental Townhomes will be completed, eliminating construction worker and construction delivery vehicles in the neighborhood. Second, the opening of three new parks in the community, Gateway Park, Vista Park and Playground Park, will provide additional safe alternatives for children to play.

Here is a preliminary timeline:
February 27 & 28: Turing and Coltrane will be painted with the new speed limit (see details under Enforcement below). In addition, existing crosswalks and STOP bars will be repainted with reflective paint to improve visibility on all streets.
March 2: UCI Police Department will begin enforcing the new speed limit.
Fall, 2020: Miramonte Rental Townhome construction is completed.
End of 2020: Gateway Park, Vista Park and Playground Park opens to residents.

Please read on for details
To immediately reduce speeds, ICHA has placed reflective delineators on Turing in two locations near pinch points on the street. Early feedback from residents suggests that these physical barriers seem to be effective in reducing drivers' speed. Over the next several months, ICHA and the HRB Transportation Committee will research various traffic calming products and designs and partner with a transportation engineer to determine which solutions will work best in resolving concerns and conditions in Area 11. Findings will be communicated to residents as soon as they are determined. The goal will be to install traffic calming improvements within the next six weeks.
The UCI Police Department has agreed with the HRB Transportation Committee and ICHA to limit speed on Turing Street and Coltrane Court to 13 miles per hour. Why 13? The idea is that 13 will catch drivers' attention and alert them to slow down. The 13 MPH speed limit will be stenciled onto Turing and Coltrane on February 27 and 28. UCI Police will begin enforcing the new speed limit on Monday, March 2 . Drivers are asked to be especially cautious at Coltrane and Howser, where children bike across Coltrane to get to and from school in the mornings and afternoons.
Street Statistics

  • In California, traffic fatalities decreased from 3,884 in 2017 to 3,563 in 2018.
  • The 2017 Mileage Death Rate (MDR) – fatalities per 100 million miles traveled – is 1.13 (CA).
  • Pedestrian fatalities fell 5% from 940 in 2017 to 893 in 2018.
  • Pedestrian fatalities age 65 and older increased from 194 in 2017 to 195 in 2018.
  • Bicycle fatalities increased 6.89% from 145 in 2017 to 155 in 2018.
California Office of Traffic Safety

  • Children ages 5 to 9 are at the highest risk of being injured or killed in a traffic-related pedestrian accident.
  • In 2017, unintentional motor vehicle traffic accidents were the leading cause of death in the age groups of 5-9, 10-14, and 15-24.
  • Toddlers are most often run over in the driveway; preschoolers are typically struck when they dart out between parked cars; and children aged 6 to 12 are usually hit when in the middle of the block and on busy streets.
Toddlers and preschoolers:
Toddlers and preschoolers need adult supervision at all times while they are outdoors and indoors. They should never be permitted on or near a street.
School-age children:
-Stop at the curb or edge of the road before crossing, and to never run into the street.

-Look and listen for traffic to the left, then to the right and then to the left again.

-Cross at the street corner and walk in crosswalks. Obey the traffic signals and signs. Keep looking while crossing the street.

-Always watch out for cars. The drivers may not see pedestrians or yield right of way.

-Never go between parked cars or enter a street from behind a parked vehicle to cross the street.
-Walk or run facing traffic and stay to the left where there are no sidewalks.

-Always be aware of their surroundings.

-Continue crossing the street if you are halfway when the light changes. Be quick, but do not run!

-Wear clothing that can be easily seen after dark. Apply reflective tape or material to the clothing for added visibility. 
Safe Routes to School Partnership is a national nonprofit organization working to advance safe walking and biking to and from schools and in everyday life. Safe Routes has created a Student & Parent Pledge to take actions necessary to be a r esponsible pedestrian and bicycling “Roll Model” to others. Click to view and print the Safe Routes has created a Student & Parent Pledge .
We are committed to improving safety and awareness among families with children, pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers using the streets, sidewalks and driveways in University Hills.

Thank you,

Irvine Campus Housing Authority and the HRB
Irvine Campus Housing Authority
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