July 2021
High Speed vs. Security.... Maybe you need both?
The XRS vinyl rollup door is constructed of twenty-two ounce vinyl material; and comes standard with multiple forty ounce, clear sections depending on your door size. This high speed door can also run up to thirty-four inches per second, making it a very popular option for busy car wash bays.

The Alaska overhead door is constructed of shatter-proof multiwall polycarbonate, with 200 times the strength of glass. The extruded aluminum frame comes standard with a clear, anodized, finish that protects against the elements and offers hardware options that include components constructed of galvanized steel, plastic, and stainless steel. This type of door is a great option for all car washes.

If speed and security are a concern; both doors can be utilized for one application. The Alaska polycarbonate door can be mounted inside the building and utilized for security at night or when the bay is closed.
The XRS vinyl door can then be added to open and close between cars. A nice feature of the XRS door is that it can be mounted inside an existing overhead door or it can be mounted independently on the outside of the building.
Airlift Doors Hosts Picnic and Safety Meeting

Airlift Doors held a company wide outdoor picnic and safety meeting just before the Holiday weekend. This was the 1st time we were all able to gather since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Enjoying the nice Minnesota summer day, our group enjoyed some Buffalo Wild Wings and some good conversation. We are so happy to have this team of people and appreciate their hard work!