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Spelling Bee Results
We had the top 8 spellers compete in the finals last week. Four from Northern Kane County that advanced from the semi-final held at Westfield Community School on February 19th and four from the semi-final held at Herget Middle School.

While the finals went 12 rounds of alternating spelling and vocabulary, the winner was decided in the vocabulary round. The winning vocabulary word was 'pinafore' while the last spelling words were 'anachronism' and 'fusillade'.

The winners were:  
1 st  Place – Pranav Kollu, 6 th  grade, Cambridge Lakes Charter School (Returning Champ - 2018)
2 nd  place – Grace Soh, 8 th  grade, Dundee Middle School
3 rd  place – Ben Fender, 7 th  grade, Holy Cross Catholic

Winner will receive a trip to Washington DC for Scripps National Spelling Bee, May 26 – 31, 2019. Hotel & Airfare for winner and parent/guardian compliments of KEEP and Kane County Cougars. A $500 scholarship from KEEP & the Kane County Cougars to use for educational camp, classes, or college education was also provided.
Educator of the Year Nominations!
We have 36 Educator of the Year nominations this year from all districts. Interviews will be starting this week as we begin the countdown the May 3rd!

If you have any questions, please contact Angie Knorr at
Advanced Digital Threat Assessment One-Day Training
Participants will leave with a concrete understanding of how to find and curate relevant digital information as is typically represented in a real-life digital threat assessment data gathering scenario.

This workshop will take place on April 23, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the Kane County ROE.

The Progress Report: Twitter Challenge.. Are You In?
This week's post in The Progress Report focuses on Twitter and the educational benefits that are included in the social media realm. Katie shares her background in social networking and how Twitter has helped her explore new opportunities in the educational field. She also welcomes anyone and everyone participate in a 60-day long Twitter challenge!

The Progress Report is a collaborative discussion space for professional learning. If there are any topics that you would like to see a post on or guest write yourself,  please contact Katie Algrim.

New Administrator Academy #1865
The Academy focuses on a high rate of interrater reliability using the required performance evaluation ratings. Using case studies, the participants will collect evidence and use the Illinois Standards for Principal Evaluation to rate the principals. Participants will use data collected from the case studies and compare the data to best practices for evaluating principals and assistant principals.

Snowball Spring Event 2019 Recap
Kane County ROE supports  Operation Snowball  to bring together high school youth and caring adults to develop a trusting relationship. It is founded on the belief that youth and adults can make responsible decisions when provided with factual information and an opportunity to develop an understanding of one’s self and others.
"Trust is not a matter of technique, but of character. You are trusted because of your way of being, not because of your polished exteriors."
Upcoming & Ongoing Workshops
Short-Term Substitute License Training
  Dates: Apr. 11
Location: Kane ROE
Cost: $25
AA#2001 – Illinois Performance Evaluation – Teacher Evaluation Training
Dates: July 16th & 17th | August 5th & 6th | September 12th & 13th
Location: Geneva District, Kane ROE
Cost: $400
Making Questions Count
 60 Day Online Course
8 PD Credits 
Cost: $40