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$18 Per Acre
AgLogic can eliminate the need for insecticide seed treatments, putting more money in your pocket
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Every Foliar Spray Costs You Valuable Time and Money
Save on both with AgLogic 15GG aldicarb®
No more waiting on dry fields, clear forecasts, or calm days to protect your crops with foliar sprays. With just a single at-planting, in-furrow application, AgLogic 15GG aldicarb can provide up to 4+ weeks of residual thrips control on cotton or peanuts. This eliminates or minimizes the need for additional early-season foliar applications and frees up growers’ resources to tend to other production needs.
AgLogic Bowls Over the Competition
Cotton treated at planting with only AgLogic 15 GG plus fungicide averaged significantly more bolls per plant than Gaucho insecticide plus fungicide or with fungicide alone. Set up your crop for stronger plants and higher yields with AgLogic.
Gaucho insecticide plus fungicide, ~12 bolls per plant vs AgLogic 15GG plus fungicide, ~23 bolls per plant vs Untreated Control fungicide only, ~18 bolls per plant
Protect Beneficials
AgLogic provides superior crop protection, and unlike foliar sprays, it does not kill beneficial organisms like lady beetles and lacewings that naturally control pests. From under the soil, AgLogic also controls nematodes without damaging the root system. In most cases, you can skip spraying for spider mites too.
“The length of protection provided by seed treatments is now much abbreviated. And insecticides applied separately in the furrow are better than the seed treatments.”
Dr. Jeremy Greene
Professor of Entomology, Clemson University
Use AgLogic to Maximize Your Yields and Minimize Inputs
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