What spending money options are available for my child?

  • Sign up for a reloadable debit card
  • Anyone with a US bank account: Greenlight
  • Mexico residents: CI Banco for campers from Mexico
  • Bring your own debit or credit card
  • Bring your own prepaid gift card (Visa/Mastercard, available at most grocery stores or pharmacies)

Where can money be spent while at Culver?
  • Students can visit our on-campus restaurant, The Shack, for hamburgers, pizza, shakes/smoothies, and salads, in addition to grab-and-go items like fruit and sandwiches.
  • Our Campus Store stocks everything your student will need this summer, from fans to toiletries and clothing.
  • The Culver Uniform Shop
  • Woodcraft campers have a store at Woodcraft camp for basics.
How does the Greenlight reloadable gift card work?
Greenlight is a debit card for kids that is managed by parents. With the tap of a button, send money to your kids — anytime, anywhere. No trips to the ATM, no cash, no hassle. Set flexible parental controls that are right for your family and get real-time notifications every time your kids spend money. Kids get real-life lessons in earning, spending, and saving. There is no minimum age. 
Check out the Greenlight FAQ here.

How will my child’s identity be verified when they make a purchase at Culver?
Each time your child makes a purchase, our cashiers will verify their identity by looking at their Identification card and matching the name on the debit/gift card they are using.
If your student brings a Visa gift card to campus, their name will be written on it upon arrival.

What happens if my child’s card gets lost?
If a card is lost, your child’s counselor will notify parents/guardians so that it can be reported as lost and a new card can be issued. We recommend parents purchase cards in small denominations.
When cards are not in use, Woodcrafters’ cards will be kept by each cabin counselor in a secure lockbox.
What access will Woodcraft campers have to email/phones to contact parents regarding lost cards?
Your child’s Division or Wing commander will reach out to parents if a camper’s card is lost.
How will the cards be kept secure while at camp?
Woodcrafters’ cards will be kept by each cabin counselor in a secure lockbox when not in use.
For Upper School students, the card should be kept in their locked dorm room when not in use.
Are there parental controls available for the gift cards?
Not all cards offer parental controls. We recommend finding a gift card/debit card that you feel comfortable with. Greenlight offers parental controls as well as the ability to reload the card with funds.  
Gift cards purchased at major retailers or on campus will not have parental controls.
Can I send cash with my child?
We recommend that students do not arrive to camp with cash.
Can my child get cash while on campus?
Cash can be retrieved from our on-campus ATM if the student has a debit card. However, we do not recommend that students pull out cash since a debit card or Visa gift card can be used at all locations on campus.