October classes:

The Votes are in - Try Yoga Revive at its NEW TIME - 4:15pm!
  • A midweek yoga class to accommodate your schedule better
  • Feel rejuvenated, more balanced, and stronger
Join Leann Wednesdays at 4:15pm to move, revive, and restore.

You can still sign up for the month for $32 (first four Wednesdays) or drop in for $12/class. You save $16 when you register for October!

Contact Leann: Leannstiles6@gmail.com or 614-905-7224

Yoga Therapy

Dawn has finished her International Yoga Therapy program and is now a Certified Yoga Therapist.  
One-hour private session = $68
3 sessions = $195
8 sessions = $500

Dawn has openings for Yoga Therapy sessions! If you are fed up with pain/strain/tension restricting your life; want to move better, get out of pain, and get stronger; or if you want to improve your athletic performance, call 309-333-5069 or email Dawn

You can improve your movement and feel amazing in your body!
Here's a write up that was in the Macomb County Voice September 15th. (Thanks to the Voice for including it!)
Try Reflexology at Free Range!
Swing Dance Sundays!
60 minutes. Sundays at 6:00pm in October, no class October 28th. $38 per couple. $18 per single.

Come try this couples' social dance, singles are welcome! All levels and beginners are invited. This is a slower-paced dance based on walking. Come learn a variation of West Coast Swing which is competed in all over the world.

Benefits of Swing Dance include improving your flexibility, building bone density, burning calories, sharpening your mind, meeting new people, and having fun!

You can still sign up! Class starts October 7th!

Contact Jeremiah: 309-313-2348 or simmonsdeeres@yahoo.com
FREE! Zumba 10-Minute mini Lessons continue in October

Looking to step-up your boring workout?

Have you been doing the same exercise routine for months or even years? It's time to switch things up and amp up the intensity!

Spice up your workout routine with Kindra's Cross Training class. Gain whole-body fitness with a mix of aerobic, strength training, and endurance exercises. This class will keep your heart rate in the target heart rate zone to truly reach your maximum calorie burn. 

Varying your workouts has been shown to increase fitness levels due to using different muscles and muscle groups. And change keeps things interesting and keeps you motivated!

So let go of your bland routine and join Kindra!

Contact Kindra to learn more at 309-333-6703 or kindramartin4@gmail.com.

Mason Reed - Personal Training

Mason offering personal training at Free Range North Wing. Mason creates unique and individual routines to help people reach their personal goals. He helps them get results! Contact him today!

Each session is 60 minutes. $30/hour for a private session or bring a friend and split the cost at $40/hour.

Contact Mason at 309-712-9571 or masonreed35@hotmail.com.

Congratulations to Kindra!

Please join us in congratulating Kindra on her upcoming marriage! We are so happy for you.

Kindra will be gone from October 1st - October 17th. Mason will be subbing all of Kindra's Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes from October 1st - 17th. There will be no Tuesday/Thursday classes from October 1st - 17th.

Feel free to sign up for the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes. Stay Strong!

Online Yoga Classes - Yoga Sessions Whenever and Wherever you Need Them

Sign up for October- $19.99 per month. Receive unlimited access all month with no long-term commitments. 

Take class on the go. Get healthier and feel better with yoga, breathing, guided meditation, and more. 

Questions: dawn@freerangeyoga.us or 309-333-5069.
Free Range Out and About

Bill Maakestad and the 2018 Alzheimer's Walk

Bill Maakestad, Tai Chi Instructor at Free Range, led 2018 Alzheimer's Walk participants in warm up exercises just before their annual walk started on a cool Saturday morning (September 22) at Veteran's Park in Macomb.

This nationwide fundraiser and memory walk allows participants to honor all those who have or have had Alzheimer's and helps raise funds for research to end this dreaded disease.

To learn more about Tai Chi at Free Range, contact Bill at 309-255-8256 or wj-maakestad@wiu.edu

Jeremiah and Amy Participated in a Swing Dance Event in St. Louis

Over the weekend of September 21-23 dance instructors Jeremiah and Amy Simmons attended the competitive swing dance event, Meet Me in St. Louis.  
These events are full of learning and practicing opportunities for aspiring swing dancers, accomplished dancers, and pros. Participants can attend group classes, watch competitions, take private lessons, and even compete!
Jeremiah and Amy took a couple private lessons, hit a few workshop lessons, and social danced until their feet hurt.  
Hundreds of people attend these weekend events. Since they go to several different events throughout the year, each one is full of budding friendships and dance practices with people they love. In October they will head to Chicago the weekend before Halloween to Swing City Chicago.  
Jeremiah and Amy say "We can't wait to introduce Free Range students to our favorite style of dance!"
Anne Ingersoll and ROYALS (Regional Office Youth Alternative Learning Services)

Anne Ingersoll recently began teaching her Breathe For Change breath and yoga work at the ROYALS (Regional Office Youth Alternative Learning Services) in Macomb, Canton, and Carthage. The curriculum helps develop social emotional learning for students. Research shows that we are more able to control our emotions as well as our actions through daily breathing strategies. 

Not only are these strategies helpful for students but they can also help teachers as well. Breath work helps teachers manage their emotions and actions which is a form of self care. Statistics show that 73% of teachers report that they are burned out which is why it is so important that our teachers care for themselves so they can care for their families as well as their students. Through simple breathing techniques and mindful movement exercises, our school communities can be transformed. But it takes time and daily practice for transformation to occur. Everyone can practice breath exercises!

Try it! Let's take three breaths together:

Inhale. Exhale.
Deep breath in. Deep breath out.
Biggest breath in. Exhale your biggest breath out for the day.

This simple practice allows our brains to comprehend information differently and sends signals to our brain through our Vagas nerve to calm ourselves.  

In addition, Anne also presented at a professional development session for area teachers where she discussed the 8 components of social emotional learning and helped demonstrate how simple breathing and moving practices can be incorporated into the classroom. More profession development sessions are being scheduled for future trainings.
Looking for a Massage Therapist   

Free Range has a DAYTIME opening for a Massage Therapist!

Do you know anyone who is a licensed massage therapist who wants to work in a wonderful environment? If so, please pass this information along and contact Dawn if you have any questions.
Contact Dawn at 309-333-5069 or dawn@freerangeyoga.us

Yoga Your Way
Been to yoga? Never been? Interested in sharing a class with 5 of your friends? Yoga Your Way allows you to choose the time and day. All levels available. Contact one of the following instructors to check availability for a Yoga Your Way class or to schedule a private or semi-private session:
Anne Ingersoll (913) 832-3003
Leann Stiles (614) 905-7224
Karen Hostert (309) 259-0265
Registration Reminder:

Registration for November classes starts Monday, October 15th!
 Free Range Yoga and Community Wellness Center | 309-333-5069| www.freerangeyoga.us