Happy Fall, Ya'll!
One of the best ways to give your fall more fun is with a little extra money in your pocket. Making just a few changes can give your investment portfolio some real zing, and here are a few possibilities.

1. Boost Your Savings
Whether you add a little more to your retirement accounts or simply ramp up your regular savings, you can see some serious benefits. A little extra saving now can lead to a very merry Christmas, while upping your retirement contributions could lead to a happier "Tax-mas" after the New Year.

2. Set Up an Investment Account
The market is trending up, up, up, which makes it a great time to add an investment account to your secret financial sauce. Watching your personal net worth grow is sure to put a smile on your face in any season, but might as well warm up your Fall with the knowledge that you’re on track to  build your own wealth .

Did you know we offer Individual Retirement Accounts?  Invest in your future and open one today!
Coming Soon: Kasasa Protect
We are excited to introduce FNB Community Bank’s newest product that is coming on October 10th,  Kasasa Protect!

There's a battle underway for your identity, and criminals don't fight fair. Make sure you're ready. This one-stop defensive strategy helps protect you against identity theft, credit card fraud, data breaches, and other deceptive attacks. Kasasa Protect operates around the clock monitoring your sensitive information, providing reports, and intervening as needed. By adding Kasasa Protect , you can rest easier because we're monitoring your information 24/7.

Included Benefits of Kasasa Protect:
  • Credit Reporting
  • Monthly Credit Score & Plotter
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Full-Service Identity Restoration
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Email Alerts / Credit Alerts
  • 24/7 Dedicated Kasasa Protect Support Team

You can receive ALL of this protection for only $8/month!
Optional Add On Service : FNB Community Bank offers Kasasa Protect, an optional Identity Fraud Protection And Restoration Service that includes identity theft, fraud protection and breach resolution through a separate, third party that can be added to any of your FNB Community Bank accounts. This add-on service (a) requires your explicit authorization to add these Identity Fraud Protection Services (‘opt-in”), (b) charges a separate monthly fee ($8/month) and (c) can be cancelled at any time.
Have you seen our newest debit card designs?
For every high school debit card design printed, $2 will be donated to Mid-Del, Choctaw/Nicoma Park, Harrah, or Moore Public Schools.

These designs are EXCLUSIVE to FNB Community Bank, your hometown bank!
September 30th was International Podcast Day!
Podcasts are one of our favorite ways to learn on the go!
What's your favorite podcast?

Some of our go-to channels are:
This week's featured business/nonprofit in our #SideHustleSeries: Filling Tummies!
Lisa Blacknoll, local mother of 3, started Filling Tummies about a year and a half ago with the mission of bringing nutritious food to hungry children in Oklahoma City.

She was inspired to start her side hustle because of the heartbreak she had over knowing that kids who go to school with her children, or live right in our community don't have food to eat.

One of Lisa's short-term goals is for Filling Tummies to gain additional sponsorships from local supporters. Sponsorship allows Filling Tummies to provide food to neighbors who are suffering on an ongoing basis. In return, they are placing the logos of their local business supporters on the bus, which serves as a mobile billboard as they travel the roads to deliver healthy food.

Lisa also mentioned, "FNB Community Bank has been very supportive. We love that we can interact personally and when we asked if the bank had the ability to do auto withdrawals from our donors on bi-weekly, or monthly basis, they said yes! Its a great capability for those who donate $25, or $50 each time they get paid, and we are glad FNB provides this flexibility of service to support great causes like ours."

Upcoming Event:  Bubbles & Brunch "Brunch for a Cause"  Oct. 6, 11am-3pm at Chef Curry To Go restaurant (5701 N. Western Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73118). For anyone interested in volunteering with Filling Tummies, please go to their website www.fillingtummies.com  and complete the volunteer form. You can donate directly to their  GoFundMe page.
Would you like us to feature your side hustle or small business?
Upcoming Community Events:
Last week's featured business in our #SideHustleSeries:
Pat has been selling doTerra Essential Oils for over four years now. She was inspired to start her side hustle by her desire to help people take control of their health using natural solutions!

Pat said her favorite product she sells is the Frankincense Essential oil because it is "so versatile and so good for your overall health and wellness."

When asked how being an FNB customer has helped grow her side hustle, she said she enjoys "being able to keep my business finances separate from my personal." Pat also noted that she is thankful for the convenience of the bank.

If you are interested in checking out any of the doTerra Essential Oils, you can contact Pat and order via her doTerra website: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/patrichardson10
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