October 6, 2017
Durham Farmers' Market Newsletter
Good, Local Food Year Round!
Saturdays 8 am-Noon
Wednesdays 3-6 pm
(Note: Wednesday Market runs through October 11.)
In This Issue
Meadow Lane Farm
Honeygirl Meadery
Fickle Creek Farm
Chapel Hill Creamery
Terra Clotha
Hurtgen Meadows Farm
Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm
Farmer's Daughter Pickles & Preserves
Stoney Mountain Farm
Bonlee Grown Farm
Pamela Strand Photography
Elodie Farms
Boxcarr Handmade Cheese
Flat River Farm & Nursery
Celebrity Dairy
Melina's Fresh Pasta
DFM Accepts
SNAP Benefits
The Durham Farmers' Market  proudly accepts SNAP benefits. To use your EBT
card at the Market, please visit the Market info table
at the center of the Pavilion.

The Double Bucks Program allows SNAP customers to receive double the amount of money they spend on tokens for purchases up to $10. 

The Market is working
closely with RAFI as our fiscal sponsor. Read more about
the program and our partnership  HERE

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Double Bucks program! We couldn't do it without you!
Farmer Foodshare Donation Station 
The Donation Station
Program collects donations
of fresh food and cash from customers at the Durham Farmers' Market.  The
money is used directly 
at the Market to purchase food from farmers for
those who are hungry
in our community.
Farmer Foodshare's mission
is to connect our local
farmers with those
who need food! Please visit
or volunteer at our Durham Farmers' Market
Donation Station!

And don't forget to participate in the Donor Rewards Program. Give a suggested donation of $3-$5 and
receive a stamp on your card. Once you've collected enough stamps, you will proudly earn your Farmer Foodshare
T-shirt! Swing by the Donation Station for
more information!































10% Campaign

Quick Links
With longer nights and cooler days, I've been craving the rich, savory flavors of our fall produce. From creamy soups to warm salads, this is the perfect time of the year to roast and simmer your meals. There are dozens of delicious salad ingredients at the Market and we encourage you to spice up your salad routine and prepare healthy lunches over the weekend. Need a quick lunch? Our vendors were busy all summer preserving the best flavors so try a new type of jam or jelly and kick your peanut butter and jelly lunch up a notch.  We're incredibly grateful for your continued support during the fall season and look forward to starting our weekend with you at Durham Central Park!  Also, join us tomorrow to see Rick and Bette Newsome of DryBread Road perform. Bring a blanket and enjoy their music on the lawn all morning!

What's for dinner? 
Check out this tasty, seasonal meal from Portia and Flo at Chapel Hill Creamery. We want to congratulate them on their release of delicious Calvander cheese this week!

  • 8 oz. fettuccine
  • 1 pound boneless chicken breasts, cut into 1" pieces (optional)
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil (divided)
  • 4 oz. mushrooms chopped (about 1 cup)
  • 1 small red bell pepper, diced (about 1/2 cup)
  • 2 zucchini, chopped (about 2 cups)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth
  • 12 oz cheese, such Calvander cheese from Chapel Hill Creamery
  1. Chop vegetables for sautéing and set aside. 
  2. Heat water and 1 teaspoon salt for pasta.
  3. Cut chicken and sauté in 2 tablespoons olive oil in large skillet for 3-5 minutes until no longer pink. Remove and cover to keep warm. 
  4. Add 1 tablespoon olive oil to pan and cook mushrooms and peppers for about 3 minutes. Add zucchini and cook about 2 minutes. Then, add salt, basil, broth, and cooked chicken. Reduce to a simmer.
  5. Cook pasta al dente. Add 1/2 cup pasta water to skillet before draining. 
  6. Pour noodles onto platter and toss with 1 tablespoon olive oil and 2 spoonfuls of cheese. Add chicken mixture on top to serve at the table with cheese for topping. Enjoy!
See you tomorrow!
Mary Yost
Market Manager
Follow Durham Farmers' Market:
Veggie Valet at the Market!
Rent a shopping basket from the
Veggie Valet tent and fill it with your favorite seasonal goodies!
Have you checked out our Veggie Valet service yet? If you have ever struggled with carrying your groceries all the way back to your vehicle when you are done shopping, keeping your kids in tow with armloads of veggies, or simply getting around the Market with your local haul, you're going to love the Veggie Valet. This program is managed by three interns from Partners for Youth Opportunity, an organization that
provides Durham youth with opportunities to connect, develop, and contribute through mentoring, employment and educational support. Say "Hi!" to our interns on Saturday and drop off your bags while you shop and enjoy the Market community.

A message from the Veggie Valet interns:
Veggie Valet is a program that helps customers by holding their groceries while they continue to shop and loading them into their car. The program is free to Durham Farmers' Market customers but we are accepting donations to cover the cost of supplies. The Veggie Valet tent is located on the corner of Foster and Hunt Street right beside the ATM!
-Daniela, Kadejah & Chamiya
Fresh this Week  
VEGETABLES: Arugula, Beans, Butternut Squash, Cherry Tomatoes, Dried & Fresh Herbs and Spices, Eggplant, Garlic, Green Beans, Kale, Lettuce, Onions, Pea Shoots, Peppers, Purple Hull Peas, Potatoes, Radishes, Tomatoes, Winter Squash, and much more!

FRUIT: Grapes, Apples, Pears and more

MEATS AND EGGS:  Pork, Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Bison, Chicken, Duck, Goat/Chevon/Cabrito, Veal, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs

FLOWERS: Dahlias, Celosia, Mums, Sunflowers, and more!

CHEESES:  Fresh and Aged Goat and Cow Milk Cheeses

DAIRY: Skyr and Gelato
Vegetable, Flower and Herb Starts, Bedding Plants

SPECIALTY ITEMS:  Pasta, Flour, Cornmeal, Baked Goods including Pies, Breads, Cookies, Pastries, Empanadas, Gluten-Free Baked Goods, Teas, Beer, Wine, Meade, Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Preserves, Fermented Foods, and more!

CRAFTS:  Pottery, Woodwork, Baskets, Photographs, Hand-Dyed Clothing, Handmade Clothing, Body Butters, Lotions, Yarn, Roving and much more!

Produce availability depends on weather conditions.
Meadow Lane Farm
Fresh pastured, natural meats this week include our ANGUS BEEF, Boer X CHEVON, Berkshire x PORK and Dorset X LAMB ... with many cuts to select from!  Our 1" cut LAMB CHOPS are perfect for grilling. PORK...slabs of St. Louis ribs, variety of sausages, Pork Chops, Tenderloin....all wonderful for outside cooking.

We have steaks such as: Filet Mignons, London Broil and Denver steaks (chuck filets). Make patties for the grill...BEEF, PORK, LAMB, or Goat (Chevon). We also have Baby Back Loin Ribs for the grill, and an assortment of Roasts.

Other cuts include Brisket, Shanks, Short Ribs, calves liver, organ meats, DOG Bones, Marrow Bones, Leg of Lamb/Goat, Lamb or Goat Stew, Riblets, Bags of Soup Bones for making your own broth.

We have wonderful PORK sausages...Italian, Chorizo, Brats, HOT Country, and County X sage...from our Happy pastured Berkshire X pigs. Smoked ham slices are great on the grill.

NEW this week: our own rendered natural pork LARD (small buckets), all Beef HOTDOGS and a pork/beef blended HOTDOG; pork sausages...lots of pastured pork sausages! 

Our USDA certified organic veggies this week include:  OKRA, NEW crop of Sungold Tomatoes, NEW crop of summer squash, NEW crop of tender green beans, SWEET "lunch box" peppers. HOT peppers are also in plentiful supply along with three varieties of EGGPLANT.

Try our farm fresh eggs also..big yellow yolks from our happy hens.

Other NEW farm products: OAK FIREWOOD, the weather is beginning to change with cooler weather. Now is the time to think about ordering your oak firewood for the cold weather.  We lost a 300 year-old magnificent oak tree last year during Hurricane Matthew and have it split into dried pieces for firewood. Text or call me if you would like a larger quantity (cord).. we will also have small quantities bundled at the market in the next few weeks.  

We look forward to seeing you  this Saturday  at the GREAT Durham Farmers' Market... a community destination. Thank you for your continued support of our market and our family Century farm.  Farm helper, Mario, has been working hard all week to bring you the best in vegetables and grass-fed meats.  

Honeygirl Meadery
Honeygirl Meadery is a small urban meadery in downtown Durham making an ancient craft beverage for modern days. Mead is essentially wine made from honey, with many different styles that include additions of fruits, flowers and herbs. Our meads are hand-crafted libations made in small batches, using both local and global true source honey, local fruits, herbs and flowers. They are naturally gluten free. Our downtown Durham Tasting Room is open on Saturdays from 1-6 pm and Sundays 1-5 pm.

Honeygirl is now open for Fall Fridays from 4:00-8:00 pm! Join us Friday evenings after work and unwind with a glass of mead and some fun Fall activities. Check out our Facebook page for more details.  Coming up at the meadery:
  • 10/6 - Trivia Night 
  • 10/13 - Scary Movie Night
This week we will be sampling: the newest release of our Ginger Mead, made from a dark NC wildflower honey, fermented and aged 18 months, then infused with local ginger for a rich, deep ginger mingled with honey sweetness.

We will also be sampling our Blueberry Mead, made with local blueberries and NC wildflower honey. This mead has subtle plum and tart berry notes, balanced with honey sweetness. Pairs nicely with aromatic cheeses, salami, and dark chocolate.

And we will be sampling our Hibiscus Lemonthyme Mead, floral, earthy and herbal dry-style mead with NC wildflower honey, dried hibiscus petals and fresh lemonthyme. Come by for a taste!

We will also have bottles available of Orange Blossom Mead, summery and lightly sweet traditional mead made with orange blossom honey; and our oak-aged Wildwood Mead, made with dark NC wildflower honey and aged on French oak for almost two years.

Diane Currier
Fickle Creek Farm
Please pre-order here  by Friday at 3 pm and we will hold your order at market until 11:30 am. 

Fresh this week:
**Free Range, Pasture Raised** CHICKEN ** fed only USDA Certified Organic Feed **

Pre-order your Broad Breasted White Thanksgiving Turkey here!

Pre-order all standard cuts of beef, chicken, and pork using this  simple order web link!

On our webpage, click through to  see current availability
  • 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished, Pasture Raised ** BEEF ** (never fed any grain!) 

  • Pasture & Woodland Raised, Free Range ** PORK  **  
  • Deli Meats: Bologna (Pork or Beef), Salami, Roast Beef & Hot Dogs
  • Free Range and Pastured Hen & Duck Eggs
  • No Nitrate Beef Snack Sticks, Bites, & Jerky
  • Soup, Stew, & Stock ingredients
  • Never Sprayed Produce 
10% off purchases of $100 or more!

Chapel Hill Creamery
Calvander is ready to sell! It's been aging many months and it's the perfect cheese for the fall months. Inspired by Asiago but made with our flavorful Jersey cow milk, it is the best of both worlds: a piquant flavor with buttery, savory undertones. Add to a cheese plate with apples or a glass of red wine, shave on salad, add to pasta or pizza, or use in savory baked dishes. We also have some recipes, including one for pesto if you have basil in your yard. The restaurants using Calvander on their menus for our release are listed on our website. Order what these creative chefs have made starting this week or next. More info can be found online.

We also have Paneer, Dairyland Farmers, Carolina Moon, and Hickory Grove plus plenty of meat. Paneer is an Indian frying cheese can be added to any curry, cooked greens, or sautéed vegetables. We don't make it often, so come  this Saturday . Our Dairyland Farmers cheese is fresh and moist and melts well. Use it in tacos, Chile Rellanos, or salads. Serve our Carolina Moon which is similar to a Camembert with hot pepper jelly or shave the rind off and melt on a grilled panini with roasted red peppers or mushrooms.

Hickory Grove is good for snacking and great for melting. Use for frittatas or cheeseburgers with our ground beef. It is a monastery style cheese so the rind is a little strong but the cheese is mild and savory.

We have many flavors of sausage which are made with the hams for a meaty taste and our pigs are fed the whey from cheese making at our farm. Varieties include Mild and Hot Italian, Bratwurst, Smoked Andouille, Country Breakfast, Sage and Maple Breakfast. We also have bacon, Spare ribs, smoked ham hocks, and our flavorful ground beef which is a customer favorite.

Portia McKnight & Flo Hawley
Terra Clotha
Creating hand-dyed clothing has been our bread and butter at Terra Clotha, but recently, we began thinking about the kinds of things you might use along with your literal bread and butter. Such as napkins, that you can put in your lap at mealtime and prevent ugly stains to your seersucker slacks when the bread and butter moves of its own accord from your plate to your lap, where it invariably tends to land buttered side down (thanks, Edna Ferber!). Besides hand-dyed napkins, we also have tea towels, quilted hot pads, and quilted oven mitts, most featuring our firefly design. Oh, and we also have aprons, in sizes for children, youth, and adults.

Clothing from Terra Clotha. Colorful and bright ways to protect you from your food. 

Like our Facebook page  and while you're there, find a 10% off coupon to use with your next Terra Clotha purchase.

Hurtgen Meadows Farm
On our tables you will find fresh green beans, a multitude of eggplant of all sizes, fresh-dug and cured sweet potatoes, fall squash (carnival and butternut), cherry tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, sweet onions, arugula, collards, kale, and radishes.

Our blackberry jelly and strawberry, peach, and peach mango jam are available this week.

Come by for a colorful bunch of dahlias.

All of Hurtgen Meadows produce, plants, fruits and flowers are naturally grown using sustainable practices - no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are ever used on our farm. We'll see you at the Market!
Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm
Jack will be at DFM  on Saturday  with a good selection of bison meat, so please stop by and catch up on Jack's recent travels to Connecticut and Washington, DC.  See you at the Market!

Jack & Sandy Pleasant
Farmer's Daughter Pickles & Preserves
Farmer's Daughter will be at Market this Saturday! What's available? 

Live-Culture, Barrel-Ferments - Raw, Probiotic-Rich, Made with local, organic produce
Ginger - Beet Kvass
Nettle Kraut
Hot Chili Pickled Okra
Spicy Green Tomato Pickles
Carolina Curtido Kraut 
Ramp & Mustard Seed Kraut
Ruby Kraut
Juniper Kraut
Classic Plain Jane Kraut

Hot Sauce
Red Rooster Hot Sauce
Sweet Potato Habanero Hot Sauce
Jams/ Preserves - Made with local fruit & organic sugar
Peach with Vanilla Bean & Bourbon
Paw Paw Butter
Strawberry Honeysuckle Preserves
Strawberry Preserves
Rosey Strawberry Rhubarb
Fig & Muscadine Jam
Blueberry Lemon Verbena Jam
& MUCH More
Thank you for shopping local & handmade,

Visit our website!
Follow us: Facebook & Instagram
Find recipes & serving suggestions for Farmer's Daughter products on Pinterest.
Stoney Mountain Farm
Our coolers will be full once again with our wonderful lamb, named specifically by Slow Food as a FLAVOR worth saving!  Our popular cuts right now are our boneless leg roasts and we'll happily share our ever popular recipes for grilling! Our chops are always a hit. Shanks, who can resist them? Lamb tenderloin, yep, that's what I said. Plenty of bones for all those broth loving fans. And, last but farm from least, our ever popular ground lamb. Ask for my Lamb Pizza recipe...easy and yummy!

We'll also be in the company of our felted sheep for gifts. Yes, we have yarn, pelts, and....of course, our Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls.  See you  Saturday  mornin'!

Olga & John
Chief Herders
Burlington, NC
Bonlee Grown Farm
Amy is coming with colorful sweet peppers, b anana peppers (hot  or mild), and cherry tomatoes!!  LOTS OF ALL SIZES  OF MUMS!! Fig jam  , pepper jelly and chow chows. Also, kosher  dill pickles, PICKLED OKRA AND BEETS!

Please buy local and thanks from  our family to your's!!!

Ray, Amy, Ramy and Erin Sugg
Bear Creek, NC
Pamela Strand Photography  
Harvest time is here! I visited Hinnant Vineyards to observe the harvesting of the grapes. The ri ch colors of the grapes with the greens and yellows of the leaves combined to make lovely images.  Drop by to check them out!
Many of my images can be previewed on my website and most can be enlarged upon request. I have enlargements in 11x1"' and 16x20" sizes and can make poster size upon request. Images can also be converted to black and white.
Elodie Farms
This Saturday we'll have:
  • Original and flavored chèvre (jalapeno, garlic + herbs, sour cherry and fig + honey)
  • Fleur verte (chèvre marinated in olive oil, bay leaves, pink peppercorns, garlic and herbs de Provençe)
  • Homemade crackers (sea salt, rosemary and fennel)
  • Blackberry goat cheese mousse 
Upcoming events:
Next Farm Dinner: Saturday, October 14 at 6PM. Get your tickets here!

Stay in touch! Like us on Facebook and follow us on InstagramSign up for our monthly newsletter online

Boxcarr Handmade Cheese
We are a small, family-operated creamery in Cedar Grove making Italian-inspired Cow and Goat-milk cheeses. We hand craft all our artisan cheeses, packing each with love. We bring the whole family to the market so get ready to meet the kids and our cheese-makers!

Come taste all of our delicious cheeses including our Freshen (cow milk), Pimento, Herb Garlic, and Chive flavored; our bloomy-rind cheese,  Cottonbell   ( cow milk) ; our lightly smoked, meltable fan favorite,  Campo   (cow milk) ; our decadent ash ripened and award winning,  Rocket's Robiola   (cow milk) ; our milder take on a beer washed Taleggio,  Lissome   (cow milk) Nimble ,   beer washed  (cow & goat milk) ; and our aged, bees wax dipped, Winsome (cow  & goat milk) .

For more about our cheeses, creamery, and us, please visit our  website  and join our newsletter mailing list. E-mail questions and special orders  or call 919-732-9079.

Austin, Dani, Samantha, Alessandra, & Lily
Flat River Farm & Nursery

We will be at market with Ex-Large mums, Field Tomatoes, Green House Tomatoes, Hanging Baskets, Herbs, Potted Flowers, cut flowers, peppers and potted herbs. Green Tomatoes to make your favorite fried Green Tomato recipe dish. 
Charles & Joan Holeman
Celebrity Dairy
Celebrity Dairy will bring our award winning chevre, delicious gelato, and many other products made with our goat's milk!  

Logs:  Plain, Asian Luv, Confetti, Currituck, Dillemon, French Kiss, Garbo, Paprika Garlic, Party, and Rosemary

Serendipity Spreads:  Plain, Chipotle, Chocolate, Currituck, Dillemon, Garbo, Jalapeño, and Mango

Aged:  Crottin, Blue Streak, and Silk Hope.

Skyr:  Naturlig and Tykk.

Gelato:  Chocolate, Nutmeg-Vanilla, Ginger, and Mango.

Fudge:  Dark Chocolate, Cherry-Pecan, Coconut, and Walnut.  

Join us in the Inn/B&B for one of our 3 or 4 course Third Sunday Dinners this quarter.  Visit Zoila in our vendor spot for delicious samples and full Third Sunday Dinner menus.

Brit & Fleming Pfann
Melina's Fresh Pasta
Melina's Fresh Pasta will be at Market  this Saturday  with all of your favorite pastas and ravioli flavors. We will also have cut pastas - spaghetti, spinach linguine, fettuccine; gnocchi, lasagna, pizza dough and our freshly made Tomato Basil Sauce. We'll see you at the Market!

Parking & Street Information
The Market is located at 501 Foster Street in the Pavilion at Durham Central Park.  Parking can be found in the Ballpark Parking Lot on Corporation Street and in the Measurement Inc. lot, 423 Morris Street (look for the Durham Farmers' Market Parking sign). There is a path at the bottom of that parking lot that leads you to the Market. There are also public parking lots along Foster Street and on Morgan Street near the Carolina Theatre.  

Handicap parking is available on Foster Street, right next to the south entrance of the pavilion.
Durham Farmers' Market Animal Policy
Please note that the Durham Farmers' Market does not allow dogs or other pets in the Market area during Market hours.  Service animals are exempt from this rule.

Leashed pets are welcome elsewhere throughout Durham Central Park.